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Supporting Students with Language and Learning Needs - Year 10

Year 10 represents an important transition phase for all students. Students will have made option choices and begin their chosen courses, some of which may take place in other educational settings. Support will be planned in consultation with students and subject teachers to ensure an effective start to courses. The Faculty will continue to use a range of assessments to look at progress and determine whether there is a continuing need for additional support.

Academic Support

Students with additional needs will continue to be supported within the mainstream classroom in a range of courses. Where there is coursework to be completed, students will be supported to complete the work and meet deadlines.

For some courses, there will be examinations in year 10 and students will be supported in preparation for these. In a few instances, special arrangements are made for examinations. The Faculty will manage the application if the student’s needs meet the appropriate criteria. This is determined by assessment.

Information, Advice and Guidance around Transition

The parent/carer consultation evening for year 10 usually takes place during the summer term. Language and Learning Development Faculty teachers will be available for consultation with students and their parents/carers. Where students have been identified through ongoing assessment as having additional needs, contact home will have been made by letter followed by an opportunity to discuss the assessment and the student’s Individual Education Plan.  It should be noted that parents and carers are always welcome to contact the Language and Learning Development Faculty to discuss their daughter’s language and learning needs throughout the course of the year.

Where a student has a statement of SEN, contact with parents/carers will take place through a meeting for the Annual Review of the statement.

Students will begin the process of making choices for further education. Where a student has been identified as having additional need, she will supported in early selection of work experience placement and be provided with an early and additional careers interview in consultation with the school’s Connexions Advisor.

Parental Support

You can continue to support your daughter by

  • encouraging a regular work habit at home.
  • encouraging attendance at lunchtime and after school support sessions.
  • encouraging her to ask for help from any of the members of the Faculty if she is experiencing difficulty understanding the work or organising her studies.
  • contacting the Language and Learning Development Faculty to address specific concerns.

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