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English Year 7 Curriculum Overview

English Year 8 Curriculum Overview

English Year 9 Curriculum Overview

English Year 10 Curriculum Overview

English Year 11 Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the English Faculty at Walthamstow School for Girls. English Language and Literature are taught in mixed ability classes of 30 students at Key Stage 3, with smaller classes at Key Stage 4. The English Faculty are a team of experienced subject professionals with many years of experience between them. We have many different areas of expertise but share a love of our subject and try to enthuse our students to share that passion for English.

At Key Stage 3, students study a broad and varied English curriculum which is assessed at regular points, with progress tracked and ambitious targets set. Students will learn to write texts for a wide range of audiences and purposes, participate in group work and speaking and listening activities, analyse and write their own poetry, and read a variety of challenging and enjoyable texts. We aim to nurture a love of reading and have discrete Reading lessons which make use of our excellent Learning Resource Centre facilities. We also focus on using creative writing to encourage students to develop their confidence as effective communicators.

At Key Stage 4, all students study for two GCSEs in English Language and English Literature, undertaking a range of Controlled Assessments and preparing for final examinations. They will read two complete novels, a play and a range of poetry during this time, undertake a series of Speaking and Listening assessments and produce a wide range of functional and creative writing.

English Home Learning tasks are set on a weekly basis. As well as monitoring this through the student planner, parents can also help to nurture their daughter's skills in English by encouraging them to read regularly, and discussing their reading with them. Diaries and reviews are a good way of developing writing skills.

The English Faculty tries to inspire and encourage students by organising a range of extra-curricular activities. In recent years students have visited the Globe theatre, both to watch performances and participate in workshops; writers and theatre companies have visited the school to bring texts to life and we also run a wide variety of competitions which students are encouraged to enter.

We welcome communication from parents. If you would like to send an email to your daughter's English teacher then please use the email links below or phone the Faculty Office on 020 8509 9426

Ashley Rowan (Interim Head of Faculty)                                                                                          This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sally Kennedy (Deputy Headteacher)                                                                                           

Sophia Cato (Deputy Head of Faculty, KS3 Co-ordinator)                                                               

Soraya Soobhany (Deputy Head of Faculty, KS4 Co-ordinator)                                                     

Eunice Kallon                                                                                                                                   

Deirdre Sullivan                                                                                                                               

Khudeja Mannan   (Deputy Head of LLD Faculty//EAL Co-ordinator)                                              

Chantel Wallace  (Deputy Head of LLD Faculty//Designated Teacher for Looked After Students)




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