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Welcome to the Mathematics Faculty

Maths Year 7 (Introduction) Curriculum Overview

Maths Year 7-9 (Core) Curriculum Overview

Maths Year 7-9 (Foundation) Curriculum Overview

Maths Year 10 (Core) Curriculum Overview

Maths Year 10 (Foundation) Curriculum Overview

Maths Year 10 (Higher) Curriculum Overview

Maths Year 11 (Core) Curriculum Overview

Maths Year 11 (Foundation) Curriculum Overview

Maths Year 11 (Higher) Curriculum Overview

The Mathematics Department are a team of very experienced and enthusiastic specialist Maths teachers. Our curriculum is accessible to all learners in a way that stretches them to their full potential and gives them the opportunity to enjoy maths. Students always achieve value added GCSE results in at least the top 10% of the country.

We endeavour to ensure that students acquire the basic skills and knowledge needed for everyday life, developing a variety of techniques to use maths as a tool. Students learn at a level suitable to their needs allowing them to develop confidence in their mathematical ability.

Students learn maths through a variety of approaches including exposition, investigation, discussion, practical work and consolidation. We give opportunities for learning independently, learning collaboratively within pairs or groups and for discussing maths with each other. Students are encouraged to develop their ability to think logically and coherently through the experience of mathematical investigation and problem solving. We encourage good working habits including working systematically, checking that results are sensible and the correction of errors. 

Excellent use is made of ICT resources to support learning and we have a wide range of maths software on our school network for learners to access. 

• All students at WSFG study Maths for 5 years. At the end of year 11 students sit GCSE Mathematics at either Foundation or Higher level with Edexcel. Students are assessed throughout the course by their teachers. There is no coursework and external exams are at the end of Year 11. 
• Students are taught in mixed ability classes of approximately 23 for the first term of Year 7. The Year 7 classes are then set into 8 groups. Students are assessed on an ongoing basis throughout the year to make sure that they are making the expected progress. If it is felt that a student would make more progress in a different set then she would change class. Over a fortnight students have 7 hours of maths lessons, with Year 10 students receiving 8 hours a fortnight.

• We stretch our more able students through extension and curriculum enrichment and provide them with many opportunities to broaden and deepen their mathematical understanding. We favour enrichment over acceleration as research suggests that this is of much greater benefit to the student. We take part in the UK Maths Challenge and the UK Maths Team Challenge every year. Students have the opportunity to attend Maths Masterclasses at Queen Mary University and our students are able to attend local colleges providing the Free Standing Maths Qualification. We have strong links with Oxford and Cambridge Universities and we regularly host inspirational maths talks and workshops.

Maths Teachers

John Fowler – Director of Maths

Paula Mayes – Deputy Head of Maths (KS3 Co-ordinator)

Chris Salmon – Acting Deputy Head of Maths (KS4 Co-ordinator)

Naseem Ahmed

Marianna Philippou

Rubia Siddiqui

Sally Robinson

Nigel Straker

Mili Prakash – Primary Maths Collaboration Project


Home Learning

• Students receive regular homework which could be a variety of tasks which set from textbooks, worksheets, MyMaths or our managed learning environment - Fronter.

• Revision guides and workbooks are provided free of charge to all students at KS3 and KS4 to support learning at home. These can be used for independent learning or to support homework and revision. 
• Practice books which complement the textbooks used in class are also provided for homework and independent learning. 
• Fronter has a wealth of resources that can support learning in all year groups. There are links to websites to support all chapters of the textbooks used in lessons, revision materials for KS4 including Mathswatch which is a series of short video lessons and associated worksheets, Numeracy Passport for practice of basic numeracy skills and Boardworks - a slide show presentation of the whole curriculum.

Support Classes

Maths Support takes place every Tuesday 3.30 – 4.30 and is open to all students. Maths staff are available to give help with homework or classwork and students are encouraged to bring along anything they need help with. We also offer intervention support for GCSE students where necessary, in the form of 1-1 tutoring, 3-1 maths mentoring and after school revision classes.


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