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Welcome to the MFL Faculty

MFL Year 7 Curriculum Overview

MFL Year 8 Curriculum Overview

MFL Year 9 Curriculum Overview

MFL Year 10 Curriculum Overview

MFL Year 11 Curriculum Overview

The MFL Faculty at Walthamstow School for Girls is an experienced one which achieves excellent GCSE exam results every year. French and Spanish are taught in mixed ability classes of 30 students in Y7 and then students are setted in Y8. In Y7 all the students get a taster lesson in Urdu once a week for one term. In Y8 students have the choice of maintaining their main language (French or Spanish) or opting to study Urdu. Homework is set for both KS3 and KS4 students once a week, every week in accordance with the school’s homework timetable. Students are advised to look on the MLE in the relevant rooms for extra revision materials, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and links to other useful websites to consolidate their learning at home.


At Key Stage 3, students study a broad and varied Language curriculum which is assessed in the form of the end of module tests. Students are assessed in each of the four key skills; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Other tests may be undertaken as and when considered appropriate for example to ensure vocabulary has been learned. Assessment information is used by staff to monitor progress and to inform planning. Their progress is tracked and ambitious targets are set. By the end of KS3, students will learn to how to write and speak in at least three tenses. We aim to nurture a love of languages by incorporating a variety of cultural aspects into our teaching as well as creative lessons such as practising songs in the Target Language (TL). We also focus on using creative writing to encourage students to develop their confidence as effective communicators. At the end of Year 9 an overall level is given for each student. This is based on performance in end of module assessments, other on-going teacher assessment and a summative end of key stage assessment writing task undertaken by all students. The summative writing task provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learned for example in relation to their ability to use past and future tenses and is therefore important in differentiating between those achieving levels 4, 5 and 6.


At Key Stage 4, controlled assessment is undertaken in speaking and writing. Students are tested as and when appropriate and use is made of past examination papers to track student progress towards expected levels. Throughout Year Ten, students will be expected to complete at least two written controlled assessments. At the end of year ten all students have listening and reading exams and a controlled speaking assessment. In year eleven students will complete at least another two written controlled assessments. They will also undertake the ‘mock’ examination in December which is normally the previous year’s GCSE Listening and Reading papers at either foundation or higher level and another speaking controlled assessment. Mock exam results are used as a basis for decisions on level of entry for the listening and reading papers. Examinations are marked according to the EDEXCEL exam board mark schemes and therefore give an accurate indication of grades achieved. Examination papers are returned to students and feedback given. Grades achieved are analysed in relation to upper quartile target grades. At various points in Key Stage 4 students undertake controlled writing and speaking tasks which together form 60% of their final GCSE grade.

Where concerns arise in relation to student progress various action is undertaken, as appropriate, for example discussion with individual students, contact with parents, revisiting topic areas. Students should be clear what they need to do to improve their overall progress and the standard of their work.


There are usually two Foreign Language Assistants; one for French and one for Spanish who undertake the KS3 and KS4 clubs. The KS3 French revision club takes place in F21 on Thursday lunchtimes and the KS4 French revision club takes place in F24 on Fridays 3:30pm-4:30pm. The KS4 Spanish revision club takes place in F26 on Tuesday 3:30pm-4:30pm and the KS3 Spanish revision club takes place in F26 on Wednesday lunchtimes.


We welcome communication from parents. If you would like to phone the Faculty Office on 020 8509 9428 for any further information please feel free to do so.

Ms. V. Prieto (Head of Faculty)

Ms. R. Griffin (Deputy Head of Faculty, i/c of Spanish)

Ms. D. Desbenoit (SPL/French teacher)

Ms. T. Jean-Baptiste (SPL/French teacher)

Ms. N. Yousaf (Urdu teacher)

Ms. A. Bourboin (French teacher)


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