Walthamstow School for Girls

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The Governing Body of Walthamstow School for Girls


Who we are

The Governing Body (GB) of Walthamstow School for Girls (WSFG) is made up of people from various parts of the community served by the school – parents, teachers, citizens from the broader community of Walthamstow and other areas within the school's catchment area. Our aim is to make sure the school continues to improve and deliver the highest possible standard of education, in its fullest sense, for the students who attend WSFG. We do that by providing strategic overview of the school's plans, ensuring the school's Headteacher and her staff make the best use of the human and financial resources available to them, and providing support, advice and feedback where it is needed.


What we do

Specifically, our role as Governors includes:

  • As part of the Governing Body, providing guidance to the school, ensuring legal, financial and other requirements are met.
  • Being accountable for those responsibilities held by the Governing Body.
  • Attending evening meetings of the full Governing Body (about 4 times a year, two hours at a time), and preparing by reading the various papers.
  • Being on at least one of the sub-committees (Curriculum, Staffing, Finances, Premises), which also meet in the evenings.
  • Being a link person to one of the faculties of the school.
  • Generally being interested in and supporting the school in various ways, both as a critical friend of the school and as a champion for it.


Getting involved

We come from all kinds of backgrounds, and one of our aims is to increase further our own diversity to reflect the school's multicultural community. We regularly need new people to join the Governing Body, and to bring new ideas and new approaches. Vacancies for parent governors are advertised through the school's weekly "Greensheet" newsletter; other vacancies are advertised in various ways, including through the Local Education Authority.


Being accountable

As a Governing Body, we aim to be open, transparent and accountable. Should you be interested in knowing more about our role and perhaps becoming a Governor yourself, or you have issues you wish to raise with us, please contact the school office who will pass your details to our current Chair, Gillian Barker.


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