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Walthamstow School for Girls

Headteacher's Weekly Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

The major event for WSFG this week was our Section 5 Ofsted Inspection.  You will remember that during the one day short inspection in February the school was judged to be ’Good’, which was the only possible outcome for that short inspection once the inspectors had satisfied themselves that there were no safeguarding issues at WSFG.  The letter subsequently issued by Ofsted suggested that they had seen sufficient good practice during their visit to warrant a more in-depth, full inspection with a possible conversion to an ‘Outstanding’ grade.

Although we knew that a further inspection would happen at some point, we had been led to believe that it would be in a far longer time-frame than the seven (working) week period since the last inspection; so “the call” came as somewhat of a surprise.  Nevertheless, it was a welcome surprise, as we wanted the opportunity to show inspectors just how good we are and to give our students the chance to shine.

Also I would like to thank all those parents and carers who made the time to respond to Ofsted’s Parentview survey for their support of the work we do on your daughters’ behalf. 

Thanks are also due to the staff at WSFG who all worked as hard as possible –in their usual way-to enable the inspectors to see the fantastic things we do for our students; the Governing Body whose support (and challenge) to the school is unwavering and greatly appreciated and Ogugua Okolo-Angus, the Local Authority’s Lead Advisor (and Ofsted inspector) who shared Waltham Forest’s views of the school.  The students –your daughters-were the real stars as they demonstrated such huge levels of self –regulatory, mature and responsible behaviour, despite examinations for the two KS4 year groups and consequent internal room and staffing changes.

At present the outcome of the inspection must remain confidential, however as soon as Ofsted has finalised the report, you will be informed of the outcome.  This should be available before the end of term.

By complete coincidence, the school kitchen was also inspected on Monday and I am delighted to announce that, following a very thorough inspection of the kitchen and their practice, they received a Five Star Food Hygiene Rating.  Congratulations to our chef, Christopher Skippers, and all the staff of Olive Dining who work so hard to provide value for money, good quality food for the students and school staff. Indeed, our Ofsted inspectors, who joined us at lunchtime on Thursday, concurred with the view that the meal ranked amongst the best school food that they had ever experienced.

In spite of the inspections, events continued in school, including KS4 examinations.  The last of the full cohort GCSE examinations was on Friday 15th when the students sat their Science paper.  I would like to congratulate the Year 11 students on their exemplary behaviour during this year’s examinations, they have behaved with great maturity throughout. 

On Wednesday WSFG hosted a CENLIG enterprise event where we were joined by students from other schools in the borough; Eden School, Willowfield and Kelmscott.  On Thursday there was a STEM workshop led by Groundworks for Year 8 students led by Ms Healy which continued work on sustainability with the focus this week on food waste-and smoothies!

This has certainly been a very busy week for the whole school community.

I would like to wish a happy and peaceful Eid to all those celebrating this weekend.  Eid Mubarak!

Meryl Davies