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Dear Parents and Carers,

We have been immensely proud of our Year 11 students this week, their last of formal lessons and the start of the big whole year group examinations such as mathematics, English and Science (which also involved a large number of Year 10 students). We are grateful to all our staff –and the girls’ parents and carers- who are ensuring that the girls remain calm and focussed. Our staff have been reassuring the girls by greeting them at the start of each examination, handing out water bottles, and giving words of encouragement and reassurance.

Meanwhile, the rest of the school has been enjoying the summer interform activities throughout the week-fortunately this has coincided with some welcome summery sunshine.  Fifty Year 8 students were treated to a performance of Running Wild at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre:

Bringing the Indonesian rainforest to Regent’s Park, including a tiger, orang-utans, and a full size elephant…with a cast of over 50, this is the largest-scale production ever to be presented at the Open Air Theatre. 

Also eighteen of our chorists, ranging from Years 7-10, spent a memorable day performing with other choirs at the Barbican- and were spotted by a former member of staff, as you will read later.

Not to be outdone, twenty four of our Year 10 sports leaders led a Quad childrens’ event at the Pool and Track as part of their level 1 Sports Leaders Award. They led different athletic events for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 from local Primary Schools. Well done those leaders!

We have been selected by Waltham Forest, along with two other community secondary schools, to host a film crew making a film about what makes us proud to be a Waltham Forest school. So they paid us a visit this week, whilst everything else was going on around them. Altogether, we have had another ordinary week at WSFG!

With all good wish for an enjoyable half term break,

Best wishes

Meryl Davies


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