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Dear Parents and Carers,

On Tuesday, our senior steel pans band played at the Royal Albert Hall at the Youth Schools Prom. The band was selected following its winning performance earlier this year at the Music For Youth National Festival in Birmingham. The girls, under the Musical Directorship of Richard Murphy, performed two pieces which opened the Prom: Baba Yagar taken from Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky and Toco Band, a calypso by Lord Kitchener. Their performance was stunning and faultless, and as ever, the girls managed to convey an easy confidence and joy, the culmination of many hours of rehearsal - despite the fact that a large number of these percussionists are now scattered wide across London in different colleges and sixth forms. It was an unforgettable event.

Congratulations also go to all our Eat or Heat volunteers who managed to bake a sufficient quantity of cakes to raise over £260 on Tuesday lunchtime! Eat or Heat is a local charity which the school has supported for a number of years.  Aside from the cake sale, the school team, with the support of Ms Rae, continue to collect food donations for the local food bank on a regular basis.

On Wednesday, Key Stage 3 students were treated to a visit by a very special guest. Award winning children’s author Na’ima B. Robert spoke to the girls about the writing process, issues of identity and diversity, and the importance of telling our own stories. 
The author read excerpts from her own books, ‘She Wore Red Trainers’, ‘From Somalia, with Love’, ‘Boy vs Girl’, ‘Far From Home’ and ‘Black Sheep’.

Other events this week included a Philosophy Day on Thursday which involved a number of Year 8s and Year 9s. Also on Thursday, the new peer listening service was launched at lunchtime. On Friday, a group of Year 7, 8 and 9 gardeners will be repairing the school allotment growing beds and building a new composter with a local team of organic gardeners and Ms Dominique.

Best Wishes

Meryl Davies              


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