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Dear Parents and Carers,

Our Year 11 students have had more GCSE examinations this week, including Music and their language orals. We wish them all every success between now and the end of June-and to their parents and carers during this stressful time.

Their attention was distracted momentarily in Ms Kennedy’s Leadership Assembly which focused on the new sugar tax which will be introduced in April 2018. She demonstrated how much actual sugar there is in the kinds of foods and drinks that we might consume over a day and how this affects our brains, which followed on from my assembly last week on memory. She explained that by consuming over a day: granola cereal, a fruit smoothie, beans on toast, 3 Jaffa cakes, pasta and Dolmio tomato sauce, an energy drink and 2 hot cross buns, one would ingest 32 teaspoons of sugar (113 grams) which is well over four times our daily requirement. For young people, the risk is particularly over consumption of fizzy drinks, for example, there are 35g of sugar (7 teaspoons) in a can of Coca-Cola. Sugar, which has addictive properties, leads to dopamine release in the brain.




The impact of the dopamine on blood sugar levels is illustrated in the sugar cycle below:



Also this week we hosted a parental feedback session on our home learning pilot scheme. We will publish the results of this work in due course; meanwhile, if you have any queries, please contact Assistant Headteacher, Ms Philippou or Mr Salmon, Deputy Head of the Mathematics faculty.

We have just analysed the student surveys from the Year 8 Parents’ Evening. It is encouraging to hear that 100% of the respondents (75) felt that ‘teachers expect me to work hard and do my best’, 99% said that ‘I am taught well at this school’ and 98% said ‘my behaviour for learning is managed well by staff’. However a number did say that they felt there were instances of bullying, and also that they felt that not all staff treated pupils fairly and with respect. They also mentioned that homework is not regularly set. We will be following up these points with the girls. The research project we are running (mentioned above) is already reviewing our homelearning programme in KS3. In the parents’ survey, two parents felt that they couldn’t yet recommend the school to other parents whilst all the other respondents were overwhelmingly pleased. Do remember that you can make an appointment to see a member of staff if you do have any concerns, and I am available to meet with parents by appointment on my Monday evening ‘surgeries’.


I would like to draw the attention of parents and carers to the free parenting programme which is being held in the school on Wednesday evenings and is open to all. Eleni attended our last parent information meeting Online Safety before Easter. Places are still available for the parenting programme and you would be welcome to attend.  There is a flyer available on our website under Latest News and some more details from the organiser below.


The Race Equality Foundation is pleased to be able to offer its evidence based parenting programme, ‘Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities' to parents at WSFG. The programme offers non-judgmental and confidential parenting support in a friendly group environment and covers topics ranging from supporting our children emotionally to online safety. The group meets on Wednesday evenings in school between 5pm and 8pm. The course is free, food and refreshments are provided and support is available for childcare.  Please call Eleni Bloy for more information and a chat on 07872 926873: Places still available!

 Here’s the link to the Spring issue of the Bumper Greensheet:


 Let us hope that the weather warms up for the bank holiday

Best wishes 

Meryl Davies








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