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Walthamstow School for Girls

SIMs Learning Gateway

Communication is key to ensuring our whole school community is working together to boost student achievement.

With SIMS Learning Gateway, we can share information with parents/carers, teachers and students instantly and securely by enabling online access to selected student data, anytime, anywhere. We can engage parents/carers more fully by giving them the information they need to support their child effectively, including details of homework due and the marks of previous homework tasks.

How secure is SIMS Learning Gateway with this data?

SIMS Learning Gateway simply provides a window into the data, rather than extracting from the database.  In the event of a sensitive issue, the data is encrypted, protecting the students and the school.

Parents and Students

Parents feel more involved, with access to information about their child’s achievement, attendance, behaviour and homework via a PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Students can plan their workload and are engaged in improving their performance to meet and exceed their individual learning aims.

How do I access SLG?

For instructions on how to access SIMS Learning Gateway, please see the document below.

Log-in to SLG here