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Walthamstow School for Girls

Our Pastoral Team

To contact a member of staff, please e-mail or call 020 8509 9446 

Year 7 

Student Progress Leaders - Ms L Fearon & Mr R Morrow

Form Tutors 7W Ms R Siddiqui
  7S Ms E Kallon
  7F Mr J Wootton
  7G Ms Ms W Famiglietti & Ms S Rahman
  7C Ms R Griffin & Ms S Robinson
  7H Ms T Wanietikina

For more information about Year 7, please click here

Year 8

Student Progress Leader - Ms R Warren

Form Tutors 8W Ms H Bradshaw
  8S Ms S Healy
  8F Ms R Simpson
  8G Ms A Wills
  8C Ms S Atchia & Ms R Hafiz
  8H Ms T Mithawala, Ms S Qaiyum & Mr N Hitchman

For more information about Year 8, please click here

Year 9

Student Progress Leader - Ms F Careless-Pye

Form Tutors 9W Ms Y Rashid, Ms J Sultana & Ms N Hepworth
  9S Mr S Walker
  9F Ms N Shafiq & Ms S Yasin
  9G Ms R Begum & Mr M Giraud
  9C Mr C Caps
  9H Ms C Oshodi

For more information about Year 9, please click here

Year 10

Student Progress Leader - Ms T Jean-Baptiste

Form Tutors 10W Ms F Kazi
  10S Ms D Sullivan
  10F Ms A Bourboin
  10G Ms A Mehru & Mr N Straker
  10C Ms K Brunas
  10H Ms C Wallace

For more information about Year 10, please click here

For more information about Equalities at WSFG, please click here

Year 11

Student Progress Leader - Ms D Desbenoit (also our Equalities Co-ordinator)

Form Tutors 11W Ms P Mayes
  11S Ms S Cato
  11F Ms L Wood
  11G Mr A McLeod
  11C Ms C Herescu
  11H Ms L Keserauskaite-Ratti

For more information about Year 11, please click here

Key Stage 3 Learning Mentor Ms W Dominique
Key Stage 4 Learning Mentor Ms C Epelle-Oboko
Student Attendance Manager Ms J King
Student Services Assistant Ms R Jolliffe