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Walthamstow School for Girls Ofsted Outstanding Provider

Year 11

Year 11 Key Dates   2019-20 

Date Event
8 October Parent Information Evening
10 October Early Closure at 14.30 for Open Evening
11 October School Closure for Staff Training
11-29 November Mock Examinations
28 November College Roadshow
2-6 December MFL Mock Oral Examinations
9 December School Closure
10 December Early Closure at 14.30 for Community Party
12 December Christmas Concert
19 December Mock Exam Results Event
20 December End of Autumn Term, Early Closure at 13.00
23 January Parents' Evening
7 February Professional Interview Day
6 March International Women's Day
8 May Bank Holiday (Friday)
11 May - 25 June GCSE Examinations
13 May Early Closure at 14.30 for Staff Training
10 June Early Closure at 14.30 for Staff Training
15 June Book Return Day
24 June National Contingency Day
26 June Leavers' Day

A Message from your SPL - 29 June 2020 

29 June 2020

Dear Year 11 Students, Parents and Carers,  

I hope this email finds you well and in good spirits.  It has been just over 3 months since the lockdown was announced and there have been so many life-changing events taking place during this time that have affected you.  Under normal circumstances exams would have been completed and last Thursday would have been your Year 11 Prom evening.  This would have been followed by your Leavers Ceremony in the Greek Theatre on Friday.  The afternoon weather would have been perfect for the occasion.  

You have coped really well during this time and I am really proud of you, and with the levels of resilience displayed by so many of you during this time.

Over the last few weeks, the lockdown has been gradually easing and many of you have started seeing your extended family and friends, maintaining social distance.  From Saturday July 4th some social venues will be opening, and more and more people will be out socialising.  I would advise you to remain safe and alert during this next phase.  When travelling, please walk or cycle to get to places and take necessary precautions if you do have to take public transport.

From this week until the end of term, you will be getting a phone call from your Form Tutor or a member of the Year 11 team.  These calls will be made on your parent's or carer's number and we think it's a positive way to end the term and for us to see how you have been getting along.

In the meantime, please continue with your applications and courses. 

Speakers for Schools is still offering a range of speakers for you to listen to.  This week they have a number of interesting speakers including: an event led by Thames Water, celebrating women in engineering; Mark Maciver, the barber responsible for styling the hair of Stormzy and Anthony Joshua; authors Marlon James and Ekow Eshun.  Do engage with these talks - they are very relevant for you and extremely interesting.

Continue to look after yourselves, your family, friends and one another.

With best wishes,

Mrs Jean-Baptiste
Student Progress Leader Year 11

A Message from your SPL - 23 June 2020 

22 June 2020

Dear Year 11, Parents and Carers, 

I hope this email finds you all safe and well.  I have been in contact with many of you over the past few weeks and I know you are becoming even more focussed as you prepare for the next stage of your education, with many colleges now providing you with reading material in preparation for courses you’ll be starting in the autumn term.  Despite the setbacks of the last few months, there’s no doubt you are approaching a very exciting stage in your lives. 

I continue to be inspired by your energy and enthusiasm to learn new things.  I previously asked you for news on what you were up to and you have not disappointed me!  I have heard from numerous students who are completing additional courses to develop their skills including a student who is not only maintaining her French (following 5 years of study at our school – three of which were with me!) but is also now learning Russian and has taken up embroidery. 

Other students who have been creative with their time include: 

  • Naira in 11F has used her time at home to develop her creative skills and has learned how to sew, making a beautiful cushion!  What a talent – and what patience!  Well done Naira! 
  • Maui in 11F has started learning to play the piano and has recently taken up lessons via Zoom.   Her teacher is so impressed by her that she is now be preparing for her Grade 3 piano exam!  Maui’s interest in the piano comes from the music featured in the anime series she watches.  Maui has been so greatly inspired by Korean and Japanese culture that she has also started learning Korean, hoping to travel there again in the future.  Maui – you have impressed me immensely with your talents! 

(I have to say that until I joined Walthamstow School for Girls in 2013, I had no idea how big K-pop was and its influence on our student population!)

  • Nabia in 11S has been doing a really impressive work experience with Brighton and Sussex Medical School, a virtual medical placement which has been approved by the British Medical Council and is linked to the NHS.  Through this work, Nabia has managed to help raise over £10,000 for the doctors’ fund and has attended meetings with professionals on a number of subjects related to careers advice in the medical field.  If you are interested in this programme, it is free and details can be found here.  Well done Nabia!  You are one step closer to achieving your dream! 
  • Finally, many of our students and staff have been affected by the Black Live Matters movement and the cry for change and for voices to be heard.  I have seen and heard young people in our communities speaking out and seeking change.  Our very own Shanai in 11H has produced a personal and powerful video message on this subject matter.  It is now on our school website and you can watch it in the link here.   A strong message – we are really proud of you Shanai! 

In addition to my message above, I also have some important information for you: 


  • Year Books: The deadline has been extended to 12 noon on Friday 26 June. This is your very last chance to purchase the book via Squid only.  Given the abrupt way your year has ended, the yearbook is a long-lasting souvenir of your time at Walthamstow School for Girls.  The cost of the book is only £13.35. 

The books will be delivered to school for you to collect at a date to be arranged by us. 

  • Hoodies: The deadline has also been extended to Friday 26 June.  These are available from SpeedStitch . Hoodies are £16.20 for the standard 'Leavers 20' hoodie and it will cost an extra £3 to get it personalised.  The hoodies will have the names of all the students in the year group and are exceptional quality and value for money! 

The hoodies can be collected from SpeedStitch or can be delivered to your home address for an additional charge of £3.50.  


  • Music Industry Work Placement: There is a very exciting opportunity for a young person to complete a work experience placement work for an American record label.   This is particularly suitable for young people who are interested in the business of music and will involve you attending regular meetings, shadowing staff and working with various departments and learning about the different roles.  There has been a lack of diversity in the music industry, therefore this opportunity is being extended to students from the BAME community.  If you are interested, please contact me via the school e-mail. 
  • Visions of a World after Covid-19 : UCL openDemocracy is opening a competition, which is aimed at school and university students (aged 14 and up) to share their vision of the future. There are prizes of £200, £100 or £50 in book tokens plus the chance for personal mentoring from the panel of some of the world's foremost thinkers and some fantastic work experience with either UCL or openDemocracy. 

Entrants can submit either a written article, short video or image that describes their vision for the world after the coronavirus crisis has passed.  FIND OUT MORE 


  • Apprenticeships:   Paragon Skills is a national apprenticeship training provider giving young people the chance to do an apprenticeship.  They are holding a series of Virtual Open Days from 1 July until 19 August.  To register, click on the following on: Paragon Skills:   


  • Cambridge University - Virtual Year 11 Event 

On 13 July Cambridge University will be offering their first ever Year 11 virtual event. The event will offer lots of useful information about applying to university, choosing A-level subjects and degree courses as well as giving an insight into student life. If you would like to attend, please sign up here.   


  • Speakers for Schools continues to provide their inspirational talks.  This week’s schedule can be found here: VTALK Schedule .   Speakers include the General Manager of TikTok, two senior STEM leaders, the Founder of ‘Leaders in Sports’ and many more inspirational people. Please consider taking the time to watch some of these if you can. 


  • Women of the World Festival is a free online event taking place this weekend.  WOW is a global movement celebrating women and girls, taking a frank look at the obstacles we face and discussing solutions for change.  Details of the WOW Festivals and events can be found here:    
  • The EAST Summer School will be taking place this year in an online format. EAST Summer School is a completely free programme for 12-17 year olds who live in the local area and want to have fun while learning a new creative skill in the summer holidays. Courses will be run by their East Bank partners including the BBC and UCL, as well as established local organisations such as The Yard Theatre, Studio Wayne McGregor and Staffordshire University London. Since being ‘live’ for less than two weeks, they have already had over a hundred potential applicants register their interest! 
    You can register here. Full programme and timings will be available soon. 


Please remember to keep up to date with the news by reading the following: 

  • The school’s Greensheet with the latest Lockdown Issues to keep up to date with things happening at school. 
  • The Day is also available for you to read and can be found in our Year 11 Teams chat forum under the ‘The Day’ tab at the top of the page. 
  • Our school’s Diversity Calendar is also on our Year 11 Teams main page under the ‘Diversity Calendar’ tab. 

Finally, students have been asking about two things:  firstly, returning your books.  Ms Kennedy is currently working on a date for this to happen and details will be sent to you soon.  Secondly, there WILL be a Year 11 Ceremony.  Again, we are not sure when, but it is being discussed by the Leadership Team and details will follow once we can be certain to guarantee it happening safely. 

In the meantime, stay safe.  Enjoy the sunshine and follow government guidelines please! 

With my very best wishes to you all

Mrs Tracy Jean-Baptiste
Year 11 Student Progress Leader / Associate Assistant Headteacher

A Message from your SPL - 5 June 2020 

5 June 2020

Dear Year 11

I hope you are still keeping safe and well during these times.  We have been very lucky with the weather recently and I hope this has helped ease the difficulties of being at home and not being able to socialise with others as much as you would like.  Hopefully, now, with the gradual easing of the lockdown restrictions, I hope you are able to start meeting members of your extended family and your friends also.  

In addition to my usual information-sharing, I want to make this an email that celebrates your successes!  So many of you are working hard, applying for courses and making positive steps forward in your experiences.  

  • Firstly, I want to say a very big WELL DONE to the large number of students (close to 50) who have completed the Eton College course.  
  • Last half term I advertised a STEM course at Stanford University, and we had one student who successfully applied for a place and will be starting shortly.  Big congratulations to Chikara in 11H for her success - it will be a fantastic experience for you!
  • This July, we have two students who will be attending summer school courses at the London School of Economics.  The application process was highly competitive, and students were told at the outset that there were very limited places available.  Huge congratulations go to Aoife and Ying Hang in 11F for managing to get places as this highly sought-after course.  Well done!
  • Finally, two of our Year 11 students were successful in gaining places at the prestigious United World College.  The application process for this took months and both girls went through a rigorous interview process.  I am so proud of Florence in 11F and Izzy in 11W for getting into this college.  They will be moving abroad in the autumn term: Florence will be studying in Armenia and Izzy will be relocating to Costa Rica.  Izzy is in the process of finalising her funding for her studies through a GoFundMe page, and if you wish to support her, click here.

Please continue to share these successes with me.  It is important that we celebrate your achievements collectively as a school – teachers love to hear about the great things you are doing, and it is also important for you to inspire one another with your successes!

Below is some important information for you:


  • Year Books: These are now available for you to purchase via Squid only.  The book looks fantastic and is the best one yet!  The cost of the book is £13.35.  The deadline for payment is Sunday 21 June.
  • Hoodies are available from  Hoodies are £16.20 for the standard 'Leavers 20' hoodie and it will cost an extra £3 to get it personalised.  The deadline for payment is Sunday 14 June. 


At this particular moment in time, it is really important that you keep up to date with what's going on in local, national and global news.  There has been a lot in the news about the Black Lives Matters movement.  With the death of George Floyd in America, a global movement seems to be happening and, with this, a need and urgency for equality and justice to truly happen.  

I have previously done assemblies on the young man, Stephen Lawrence, who was very sadly murdered in a racially motivated attack in London in 1993.  He was just 18 years old.  It hit me hard at the time, and I can't tell you how devastated I am to hear that racially motivated deaths are still taking place in this day and age in countries which are considered to be developed.  When will this injustice end?  

While watching the news last night, I saw John Boyega's impassioned speech about the current injustices taking place in the world.  Please read about it here: John Boyega's speech.  Do continue to read the news and be aware of what is happening to people around the world.  

At Walthamstow School for Girls you will have experienced one of the richest and most culturally diverse environments you are likely to be a part of.  We hope this has helped you to develop your understanding and acceptance of different cultures, beliefs and ways of thinking.  I hope you remember this, and you live your lives in a way that shows your openness towards others, and that you continue to embrace and view differences as something positive.

For more news and information, 

  • Don’t forget to read the school’s Greensheet to read the latest Lockdown Issues to keep up to date with things happening at school.
  • The Day is also available for you to read and can be found in our Year 11 Teams chat forum under the ‘The Day’ tab at the top of the page.
  • Our school’s Diversity Calendar is also on our Year 11 Teams main page under the ‘Diversity Calendar’ tab.


  • EtonX Course:  The ‘Making an Impact’ course is still available for students to attend and runs until the end of July. Should you wish to still do this, please contact me directly.  Details of the course can be found at:

Courses/online opportunities available to you.  There is a huge range of courses/and online resources for you to access to cater for your level of interest. Please see details below:


  • Loughborough University is offering students in Year 11 the opportunity to take part in their ‘Girls into STEM Online’ event.  Dates are 6-12 July.  There will be taster sessions plus talks from successful women in various STEM careers, and guidance on researching future options.  Also, students can explore what university life is like with our virtual campus tours and related videos and have the chance to talk to our students live on the webchats!  To register, click here.
  • Teens in AI is running their annual Teens in AI Accelerator competition.  For three weeks in July and August, students will be teaming up to develop innovative entrepreneurial projects Using AI for Good, surrounded by mentors from some of the UK's most innovative companies (Microsoft, QuantumBlack. Element AI, Google, etc.). 
    All teams pitch their ideas to the judges, and the winning teams will have the opportunity to take their project further. In previous years, the winners went on a fully funded trip to Silicon Valley, spoke at the UN conferences in Brussels, Paris and Berlin, CogX, EU. Many have joined apprenticeship programmes or gone on to study computer science at Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Bath, Southampton, Westminster, University of Pennsylvania and other universities.

            There are only 40 spaces available.  Details can be found here:


  • ‘Inspiring Minds: Social Sciences and Humanities’ is an online event taking place at Loughborough University for students in Year 11.  It will allow you to explore different subject areas (psychology, politics, geography and media to name a few), as well as offering an insight into various career paths and general information and guidance regarding university.  To register, click here.


  • UK University and Apprenticeship Search is offering a virtual university fair on 17th June featuring over 90 exhibitors including Cambridge, Southampton, Liverpool, Warwick, Hertfordshire, Reading, Kent, Manchester Met, St Georges, Brunel and the RAF. They are also running a series of  Webinar Wednesdays., covering topics such as Clearing and UCAS Personal Statements For more info see here. 


  • Speakers for Schools continues to provide their inspirational talks.  Here is the  VTALK Schedule. 

On a final note, some students have been in contact about a ‘leavers’ ceremony’.  Rest assured, when we can have one safely, we will do so.  You deserve a good send-off!  In the meantime, your Tutors and a number of staff at school are working on a small farewell for you.  We’ll keep you posted in the next few weeks.  I am in school today and am reminded of you and miss you very much!  Look after yourselves, stay strong and resilient and be positive! And please – when you are venturing out, please keep safe and exercise caution.   

With my very best wishes to you all,

Ms Jean-Baptiste
Year 11 Student Progress Leader / Associate Assistant Headteacher

A Message from your SPL - 13 May 2020 

13 May 2020

Dear Year 11s, Parents and Carers

I hope you are still keeping safe and well. This continues to be a very challenging time for you – a time of uncertainty and great disappointment that you will not be sitting your exams: the exams you studied so hard for and you would, under normal circumstances, be sitting now. Over the last two weeks, teachers have been working hard to ensure you get your GCSE grades. We are unable to discuss this process with you, but you are an able year group and I’m sure you will get the grades you worked hard for. Your teachers speak so positively about your commitment, your hardworking ethos and your positive attitudes and are frequently asking me how you are. 

I am missing you greatly Year 11. You are a strong, brilliant and resilient group of young women and I am really proud to be your Student Progress Leader. Please continue to let me know how you’re getting on with your various courses, home projects and college applications. I find it heartening to hear from you and your families.  I know many of you miss school, particularly the way it ended, and I hope we will be able to meet again soon.

Please continue to use your time well. Here are a few things you should know about and get involved in. 


  • Year Books: This is nearly complete.  Contact your Form Rep if you still need to send in photos or information.
  • Hoodies are available from . Hoodies are £16.20 for the standard 'Leavers 20' hoodie and it will cost an extra £3 to get it personalised.
  • Every Wednesday and Friday we will be giving you an online challenge/chat to participate in. Please check into TEAMS - both the group chat and your form room chat. It is an excellent way for you to 'keep in touch' with school and your school friends.


  • EtonX Course:  The Making an Impact course is still running until the end of July. Should you wish to still do this, please contact me directly Details of the course can be found at:

Courses/online opportunities available to you.  There is a huge range of courses/and online resources for you to access to cater for your level of interest. Please see details below:


  • Live Post-Mortem If you’re interested in a career in medicine and are interested in biology or the human body, there is an exciting opportunity to participate in an interactive, recreated post-mortem live on TV.  Dates for this are: Monday 25th May and Friday 29th May. You will need to enrol on the course. 

Details can be found here:

  •  Stanford and Harvard Universities I have shared details of this previously, but you can still attend summer STEM courses by applying here:


  • Future Learn – Free online courses:  You can participate in courses on a variety of subjects during lockdown. There are courses on a diverse range of subjects, and more are always being added. Courses vary in length. Most are six to ten weeks long but there are also some shorter two and three week courses.

    Perhaps you may want to invite a friend to take part with you? You can do this via email and social media when you join.

    For our mathematicians, Ms Robinson would recommend: Flexagons and the Maths Behind Twisted Paper



  • START Don’t forget to log onto your Start profile for careers help and support and to update your CV.  
  • Speakers for Schools continues to provide their inspirational talks. You may remember we had Jackie Smith, Chief Executive of the Nursing and Midwifery Council coming in to school to speak to you when you were in Year 9. She was superb and I recall you asked her a lot of interesting questions, including what her salary was…  The following speakers will be offering some invaluable career advice to you:
    • This morning, at 10am, the Vice President of Facebook, Lady Nicola Mendelsohn talking about her work at Facebook and will give you her top tips for a career in the media
    • This afternoon, at 2pm,Sereena Abbassi is the Worldwide Head of Culture & Inclusion at the prestigious advertising agency, M&C Saatchi.  She will be talking about overcoming barrier to build a career you love.
    • On Thursday, at 10am,Ed Couchman, General Manager of Snapchat will be talking his career and giving advice for a career in social media/technology
  • Link as follows:
    Covid-19 Around the World: There is a series of interesting videos on how different countries around the world are responding to COVID-19 which gives a lot of perspective.
  • Ted Talks: There are lots of interesting subject matters found at TED Talks at:
  • Popular Ted Talks for under-20s can be found here:


Please do use the time you have to access the above. 

Year 11 do please look after yourselves, your parent/carers, siblings and family members and stay safe. 

On a final note, I would like to pay my respects to students from our Muslim community and their families.  During this time of fasting and reflection it must be very difficult for you not to experience Ramadan as you usually would: connecting with your communities, praying collectively at the mosque or breaking iftars communally must be very challenging.  We are all having to cope and adapt with these new circumstances and my thoughts are with you all at this time.

With my very best wishes to you all,

Mrs Jean-Baptiste
Student Progress Leader Year 11

A Message from your SPL - 1 May 2020 

1 May 2020

Dear Year 11

I hope this email finds you keeping safe and well.  I'm sure many of you are adjusting brilliantly to our 'new normal'.  I am hearing stories of students participating in dance classes, learning new skills and new languages.  Many students are also in the process of completing their college applications.  It is important that you continue to do so.  Keep it up!   

I also acknowledge that this isn't easy for many of you at the moment.  Students and parents have contacted me stating how difficult it is for you all. I am even getting messages from students saying how much they miss school.  I will reiterate that these will be among the best days of your lives ...

I will continue to encourage you to use this time you have resourcefully.  I wanted to update you on Year 11 matters and to provide you with things you can/should be getting involved in and some exciting, interesting opportunities for you to take up.


  • Yearbook: Form Reps are currently completing the yearbook.  Please help them by providing them with photos and information when they ask for it.  It is a big job and they are doing it so well.  Thanks also to Ms Cato for helping with this.
  • Hoodies: These are now available for you to buy from our uniform supplier, SpeedStitch.  The link has been sent to you/your parents but can also be found on Teams.  The hoodies are £16.20 for the standard 'Leavers 20' hoodie and it will cost an extra £3 to get it personalised.
  • A reminder to check into TEAMS - both the group chat and your form room chat.  It is an excellent way for you to 'keep in touch' with school and your school friends.


  • EtonX Course:  Eton College has been inundated with requests from schools for courses.  Eton is no longer providing the 'Critical Thinking Skills' course, so we have chosen a course entitled: 'Making an Impact'.  You can find details of the course here:  The course will run until the end of July but should be completed within a two-week time frame.

Please note, you will not need to reapply, if your name has been given to me, you will still be eligible.  

If you want to do this new course, please contact me also.  It is not too late!

  • Courses/online opportunities available to you.  There is a huge range of courses/and online resources for you to access to cater for your level of interest. Please see details below:


  •  Stanford and Harvard Universities are offering you the opportunity to take part in a Virtual Summer Research programme.  This is a 6-week virtual summer programme running from 21 June-1st August.  You will participate in a science and research bootcamp, a Masterclass lecture series and a mentored research project. 

You will need to apply for this, and it is a detailed process, but it is an amazing opportunity if your area of interest is in Science.

  • Eduvate offers a series of podcasts for students interested in STEM related subjects.  There is a podcast from the Head of Programmes at Tech Nation, Parveen Dhanda and podcasts related to digital portfolios, and a fascinating podcast on surgical robots carrying out keyhole surgery in Cambridge.  These are approximately 10-minutes long and accessible to all interested in careers in the field of technology.


  • I have attached ‘Challenge Ideas for Lockdown’, put together by Ms Robinson with information about digital resource hubs and applications to Oxford University, webinars on STEM, Arts, Humanities at Cambridge University and learning opportunities provided by the Royal Veterinary College.  


  • InvestIN is a company offering you the chance to take part in live and summer online internships.  Students can work alongside experienced Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Investment Bankers, Computer Scientists, Psychologists, United Nations staff, CEOs, Architects and Filmmakers, to gain an immersive, 360-degree experience of their dream profession.  These internships come at a cost, but bursaries are available to students.


  • Speakers for Schools has previously provided us with inspirational speakers, coming into our school to talk about their careers, most recently Dr Victoria Tzortziou Brown on International Women’s Day.  Below is a link for ‘Speakers for Schools’.  You will find inspirational talks next week from people such as media Creative Director Carl Jones, Breast Cancer Surgeon Liz O’Riordan, Ambassador for Equality Dr Janvi Patel, to name but a few.  Link as follows:


  • Some lovely essays from authors such as Malorie Blackman, Philip Pullman, Lee Child, Jung Chang, Nick Hornby and holocaust survivor Edith Eger.

Good luck with accessing the above.  If you do get involved in something, please let me know how you get on.  In the meantime, take good care of yourselves, your family and friends.

Best wishes

Mrs Tracy Jean-Baptiste
Year 11 Student Progress Leader / Associate Assistant Headteacher

A Message from Ms Philippou about START 

22 April 2020

SUBJECT: Message from Ms Philippou

Dear Year 11 Students, Parents and Carers,

I hope that you are all well and are looking after yourselves in this very strange time. 

I understand that there is uncertainty for you around your grades and your next steps as well as in other aspects of your lives. 

Please remember how highly regarded you all are by us. You are a wonderful Year Group who have worked hard to improve your resilience, independence and positive energy. You have made us proud already. And whilst you may not be able to take exams this year, remember the skills, knowledge and personal growth you have experienced over the last 5 years. 

You have everything that you need to get through this unique time and to find within it and draw from it the positives. Remember that all Year 11s across the country are in the same position - I know that you can make this work for you and draw from it the best that you can.

I'm hoping that this email will help to give you some reassurance and some clarity.

Please remember that all students have their Start Profile login from school. This gives you information and activities on many aspects regarding careers - from employability skills to information on post-16 and university courses.

You can log in here:

If you are a student: you have your school login. Add a personal email address so that you can continue to use this resource after you have left WSfG.

If you are a parent/carer: you can register for free and access the same information as students.

Start have been in touch with some specific advice for Year 11s on the current situation with Covid-19 which I recommend you read.

At this time, it is vital that we all look after our physical and mental health. Start also provide some advice on this matter. You can find a link to this within the link above.

Finally, if you have any Year 13 students within your close circles, there is some advice from them also:

Looking forward to hearing about your successes and next steps.

All the best

Ms Philippou
Assistant Headteacher

A Message from your SPL 21 April 2020 

21 April 2020

Dear Year 11

I hope this email finds you all safe and well.

I felt it was important to contact you as you continue to be our Year 11 students at Walthamstow School for Girls and, with the current situation, it is even more important that you keep in touch with us as we care very much about you.

We are still in the midst of very uncertain and unprecedented times.  COVID-19 will always be known as the episode in our lives where we experienced the most extensive period of lockdown ever seen in peace time in our country's history.   This period will be recorded in the archives (possibly books but almost definitely in the e-books and tomes online).  This does not just affect us in Walthamstow, but everybody globally. In my very last assembly back at the start of March, I talked to you about remembering this moment in time...  That, in 50 years' time as 65 year olds (!!), you will be able to look back at this period and recount to your children and your grandchildren how you lived through COVID-19.  When I spoke to you at that time, little did I know the real consequences of COVID-19, that despite 5 years of secondary education you are part of the unique cohort unable to sit your national GCSE examinations.  

These are challenging times for us all, but I want you to take the opportunity to reflect on the last five years as a successful time in your lives.  I hope you will look back at school life at Walthamstow School for Girls and see your time here as amongst some of the best years you have had: the friendships you've built, the education you have had, the life experiences you have lived, the skills we have helped you to build and the opportunities you have been given should all help you to build a positive picture to hold onto and to help you envision an optimistic future ahead.  I know you have it in you to make the most of this time you have: to reflect on your experiences and to start putting in place plans to build your future.  And what futures you have ahead of you!  You will, no doubt, have aspirations to go to colleges, sixth forms and universities, completing your ‘A' Levels/BTECs/apprenticeships or degrees and moving into the first steps of your career paths in order to live exciting and fulfilling lives.  You have so much to look forward to!

Do not waste this time.  Many of you have already applied to colleges and sixth forms and many continue to do so.  We are here to support you through this process.  There are also a number of opportunities available to students during this time: Eton college is currently offering online courses to students at no cost to you.  They start on Monday so don't delay in applying!  Details can be found in this link:

Online Skill and Communication Courses for Teenagers | EtonX

EtonX’s online skill and communication courses allow students globally to benefit from Eton’s acclaimed expertise in developing well rounded, high-achieving students. An Eton education values real world skills alongside academic learning. Sign up today.

etonx.coof m

In addition, Ms Philippou will be sending you information about Start.  You will have created a Start profile at the beginning of the year, and we feel it is an important time for you to use this effective tool to start putting in place plans for your future.

Most importantly, I will ask you to look after yourselves.  Be kind to yourselves, to your siblings, your parents and carers and be there for one another.  You alone know what you are going through as Year 11s, so you can be there to look out for and support each other.  

Finally, an important reminder of our online forum.  Our year group 'TEAM' has been set up for us all to be there for one another as a community.  We are there to chat and to support one another as a year group.  Visit 'TEAMS', download the app, read the posts, participate - even just to say 'Hello'.  Some of you have done so already, but we do want to hear from you all.  It has been heartening and uplifting to read so many of your posts and messages.  Also, please check in regularly into your Tutor Group ‘TEAM’.  It is a good way for you to say hello to your form group and to keep in touch with your Form Tutors who all miss you a lot!

One very last thing ... as promised, once this is all over, we will have a final year group celebration.  It will be a time for us to share our stories, laugh and reminisce on your time here.  I know staff at the school will want to say a final goodbye to you and you will also want to see each other at WSFG as a way to close this school chapter.

Keep in touch Year 11s and stay safe.  

Mrs Jean-Baptiste
Student Progress Leader Year 11

Post-Easter Arrangements 

4 April 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Students

I hope this email finds you and your families safe and well.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding expectations of students and their work over the next few weeks, so this email is to address some of your queries and concerns.

Firstly, we are now entering the two-week Easter period break and please note that teachers will not be setting work for students during this time. All subjects have now covered the course requirements for Year 11 and so will not be delivering individual subject lessons. 

There is still a lot of uncertainty around the exams situation and we are still awaiting guidance from Ofqual with regards to the details of the awarding of grades for students. It has become clear that schools will be required to submit predicted grades and then these school grades will be moderated (moved up or down) through a statistical analysis across the country, looking at the progress of students within each school in previous years. It has been made clear to schools though that we are forbidden from entering into discussions with parents or students about their school predicted grades and are not allowed to share details of any further predictions that teachers are required to make.

Of equal importance to us is the wellbeing of our Year 11 students.  Many of our students are feeling overwhelmed and some are feeling quite isolated at the moment, with this unexpected and abrupt end to our academic year.  I have reassured students that we will be having an end of year celebration, but in the meantime, we ask that students are in regular contact with us via the Form Teams or SPL Teams group chat.  Our Year 11 students continue to be on our roll and therefore we care very much about their wellbeing.   This will be a very challenging time for the majority of students.  Parents - please encourage your daughter to download the 'Office 365 Teams' app, this is a simple process and it will facilitate contact between your child and our school.

After the Easter holidays, we will be advising students of online courses they can undertake in preparation for the next stage of their education and which may also help support applications to colleges where places may be over-subscribed.

If you have any concerns or if you have any questions regarding the above or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With warm regards

Mrs T Jean-Baptiste
Student Progress Leader Year 11 / Associate Assistant Headteacher

Summer 2020 Exams 

3 April 2020

Dear Year 11 Students, Parents and Carers,

Following on from Ms Jean-Baptiste's e-mail, we would like to share with you the latest letters addressed to students and parent/ carers from Ofqual (please see below). This guidance sets out the main intention of collecting predicted grades from schools for Year 11 students and the possibility of sitting an exam in the autumn term if students opt for this once they have received their grades. The finer details of how schools make their predictions remain unconfirmed and we await further instructions as schools.

Please do not contact the school regarding the predicted grades as we will not be able to enter into any discussions with students or parents/ carers on this topic.

Will we continue to support Year 11 students next term through the Teams app where we will provide guidance regarding preparing for their next steps. 

Kind regards

Ms Kennedy
Deputy Headteacher/ Interim Associate Headteacher

Letter to Year 11 Students from Ofqual

Guidance for Summer 2020 Grades

Worried or Anxious?

Here is a booklet full of information that we hope will help our students and parents/carers during this uncertain time ...

A Guide to Living with Worry and Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty

Parent Information Evening - Tuesday 8th October 2019 

The aim of this evening is to provide you with details on key events your daughter will need to prepare for this year and how to support her in core subjects:

*   Post 16 options and college applications, Ms Kennedy
*   Professional Interview Day, Ms Philippou
*   Preparing for GCSEs, Ms Kennedy
*   English – final preparations/revision strategies, Ms Schaber
*   Maths – maths mocks, interventions and revision software, Mr Salmon
*   Science, interventions and Tassomai, Mr Kerr
*   Summer 2019 NCS engagement, Mr Dominic

Should you have any query about the evening, please contact me.

Ms Jean-Baptiste
Student Progress Leader, Year 11

If you were unable to attend, the information given can be found here

New City College Virtual Taster Sessions 

We are running virtual taster sessions for all New City College applicants on 06/07/2020 and 07/07/2020 from 9am – 5pm.

You can sign up for your relevant course taster session and you will be able to meet your tutors and course subject experts, live Q&As, take part in subject activities and have a real taste of your new course before you start!

In addition to course tasters there are also sessions on our student support for all aspects of college life, from finances and funding, to careers advice, college enrichment activities and additional learning support. This event will be hosted through a Teams Live Webinar.

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your sign up by email and then a direct link will be sent to your for your session shortly before the event.

You can download the full programme of taster sessions and sign up here today!

We look forward to you joining us.

Warm Regards,

Amanda Fox

Schools Liaison Outreach Coordinator


New City College | Epping Forest Campus

Tel: 020 8502 8717

Fashion Retail Academy update 



Virtual Open Day

We'll be having a few more of our successful Virtual Open Days in August. Students can register their interest for the events here

Digital Campus Tour

Click here



Our Career of the month is

Merchandisers are key to the life cycle of a garment and it's an exciting role to be in.

Merchandisers are at the intersection of business and creativity, deciding how to sell products to customers.

To find out more about our Merchandising and other courses, click here.



FRA Updates

Applications are still open!

If your students are interested in studying at the FRA, we still have
spaces on some of our courses. To find out more about the application process, please click here.

Summer  Projects

Due to popular demand, we've collated some creative projects and tasks which your students can complete over the summer months. They provide an insight into various roles in the fashion industry as well as fun activities which they can complete. If you'd be interested in these projects for your students, please email


Live and Pre-recorded Workshops

We are still available in July for live and pre-recorded workshops. If this is something you'd like to discuss, please contact

New VIC - Newham Sixth Form College 


NewVIc Schools Newsletter June Edition.

Here you will find an update on our college applications and interviews process.  We are also offering a range of new online IAG services to support students in selecting the right courses for their chosen careers.  We will also be sharing useful links for staff and students to support your delivery and students' well-being. 

Our careers focused subject taster sessions link with the current Gatsby benchmarks and are aimed to assist students in making informed decisions. 

Here to help

To find out how we can support you and your students with bespoke sessions and careers guidance, please contact Parul, our Schools Liaison Officer.

Parul Begum
020 7540 0658

Our new website is live!
A brand new sixth form college experience.
Student stories.  Expert guidance.  Impartial advice.
Widest range of courses. Best opportunities. Outstanding support.


New careers tool on the website

This in-depth feature contains up to date labour market information, including job roles, salaries, careers and more. The feature is available for almost all subjects and a wide range of careers students may be considering.  This is a useful tool for careers interviews, research and applying to the right subjects. 


Update on applications and interviews

Applications still open

We are continuing to accept applications from Year 11's pupils throughout the summer term and will be organising telephone interviews or making offers based on predicted grades. 

Applying online 

Students can still continue to apply online via
Online application
Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept paper applications at this time. 

Contacting the Advice and Recruitment Team 

Students can still contact our advice and recruitment team via who are available to answer any questions they may have about their applications. 

School staff are also able to contact the team or alternatively feel free to contact Parul Begum, Schools Liaison Officer at

Reference requests

We will still be in touch with local schools requesting references for students who apply online. 

Interview and selection process

Due to college closure, we have made changes to our interview and selection processes.  Student applications will still be assessed and they will be kept well informed throughout. 

Students will either be invited to a telephone interview or be offered a place based on their application, personal statement, reference and predicted grades.

Telephone interviews

Students invited to a telephone interview will be interviewed by a subject specialist who will discuss the students' application and offer further advice.

Students will receive an email invitation approximately 4-5 days prior to the interview and a text message reminder on the day of the interview. 

Interviews will take place between 4 - 6 pm during weekdays.  This will also be an opportunity for students to ask any questions they may have about their course choices and career progression.
How to prepare for a telephone interview

Offers based on application, personal statement, reference and predicted grades

Some students will be offered a place based on their application, personal statement, reference and predicted grades.  This will also include students who have applied for Foundation Learning courses.  These students will be assessed at a later date to determine which Level 1 programme would be most suitable for them and their future progression. 

Students will receive a confirmation email with information on how to change their courses at enrolment should they change their mind.

Telephone careers advice appointments for Year 11s

Making confident decisions in challenging times

Our qualified and experienced college Careers Advisors are on hand to offer your students one-to-one telephone careers advice.
How students can book an appointment
  • Students will need to email 
  • Use subheading 'School leaver careers advice appointment'.
  • Include their full name, school, mobile number and the time they are available to take a call between 9:30am - 4:30pm.  
Although this service is limited, we will endevour to accommodate students as much as possible. 

Careers blog

Read about exciting career 
opportunities, including industry facts, growth of sectors and useful links for both staff and students.
What is the difference between the new
T-Levels and BTECs

How to stay focused on your career options during college closures

Access Creative College - Virtual Open Day & Info on Applications

Starting an Access Creative College Course in September 2020 

GCSE and A-level exam results to be published in August 2020 

Access Creative College (ACC) is committed to ensuring that applicants are not adversely affected by the current situation, especially those who were due to take exams this summer.

The Government has announced that GCSE and A-level results will be based on teachers’ predictions using their professional judgement, evidence of previous exams, coursework, essays, homework and mock exams.

A-level results will be published on Thursday 13th August
GCSE results will be published on Thursday 20th August

You’ve had your interview with Access Creative College and you were offered a place on a course starting in September 2020: 

Congratulations! If you have had your interview for your chosen course and have been made a conditional or unconditional offer into Access Creative College.  In September 2020 that offer still stands and we are looking forward to welcoming you! 

We will write to you with details about your enrolment days in August.

What happens if your GCSE results are not what you expected? 

Don’t panic! We will have a dedicated exam results hotline from Thursday 13th August with a team of people ready to help you. Our team will be able to support you and offer the right advice and guidance to make sure that you are placed on to the right course.

We will also have an enrolment team that will be able to support you when you come to enrol.

We’ve got you covered! 

You are awaiting an interview with Access Creative College for courses starting in September 2020: 

Not a problem! If you haven’t yet had your interview, these will now be arranged for a telephone conversation or Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom etc until further notice. Your interview can be booked in the usual way, via your website application login or by calling the Admissions Team. 

Book your interview here: 

Call Admissions: 0800 28 18 42 

You still need to apply for a course with Access Creative College starting in September 2020: 

Not a problem! If you’ve not yet applied, the good news is we are still taking applications. You can still apply by visiting our applications page here. You can also email or call our admissions team: 


Call Admissions: 0800 28 18 42 

We also have our Engagement Team available to offer you the option of a telephone/video call. You can book a virtual meet and greet here and discuss the option that is right for you. 

We are here to answer any questions and support any queries, so please feel free to get in touch. Until then, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Best regards

Adrian Merchant
Engagement and Events Manager
Mobile: 0203 920 8267
Telephone: 0207 613 8380

We are here to talk to you about all of the things creative that happen on our music, games, media and events courses. Ask us questions about course specifics, facilities, equipment and college life. Book your virtual meet and greet to speak to someone!

We are still taking applications for courses starting in September 2020, so if you know what you're looking for then please apply below!

It’s good to talk creative!
Speak Soon!

New City College - Live Chat "Ask Us!" 7 July 2020 

The countdown to the Live Chat with our Deputy Principals has started!

Make sure all your students, and their parents, make the most of this opportunity to ask any burning questions they have about joining us in September.

All our Deputy Principals across all campuses will be available to answer their questions and have a live discussion via the Ask Us! button on the bottom right panel on this page. They can also hear from our students, view campus tour videos, and find out more details on all our courses.

We know that the future of your young person is important to you. Therefore we are hosting an online Parents evening for all new College applicants. These will be hosted by our Deputy Principals who will tell you all you need to know about the campus, the College, and how your student will progress their future with us. There will also be plenty of time for a live questions and answer sessions. We look forward to meeting you soon!

This event will be hosted on Teams Live. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your sign up and then be sent a direct link to your session shortly before the event.

Sign up today!

Event Type Parents Evening
Start Date 7 July
End Date 7 July
Event Time 5pm-6.30pm

We would love to hear from your students and support them onto the next steps of their education.

Warm Regards,

Amanda Fox

Schools Liaison Outreach Coordinator


New City College | Epping Forest Campus

Tel: 020 8502 8717



College/Sixth Form Lunchtime Assemblies

We currently have no college/sixth form assemblies scheduled.

College/Sixth Form Open Days/Evenings

Please note students are NOT ALLOWED to attend Open Days during the normal school day!

Key Stage 4 Book Deposits -important information!

On Tuesday morning all students who have paid a book deposit will be issued with a receipt.

You must keep this card in your conduct card wallet so that teachers can issue you your books.

At the end of a lesson, you will be required to show the card when books are being collected in from those students who have not yet paid their deposit.

For those students who have not yet paid their book deposit, once it has been paid on sQuid you should go to student services where payment will be checked and a receipt issued.

For Year 11 students who have not paid by October half term, you will be required to return books that have so far be loaned to you.

If your parents are having difficulty paying on sQuid, please see Ms Jolliffe at Student Services who will be able to issue instructions and guidance.

Ms Kennedy
Deputy Headteacher

Chemistry Revision 

Great summary sheets for all Chemistry topics:

Find these summary sheets for all AQA GCSE Chemistry / Trilogy topics here at 


I have also saved the relevant sections in Student resources/ Science/ 0 new AQA /Chem revise summary sheets (YouTube)

Ms Brunas

Year 11 English Workbooks

Workbooks for ‘An Inspector Calls’ and ‘Jane Eyre’ are available at Student Services at a reduced cost of £4 each. Please see student services before or after school if you would like to purchase these workbooks.

Ms Schaber
Head of English Faculty

Year 11 Geography Revision 

In preparation for the GCSEs, Mr Sterlini has created a revision list for the Year 11 Geography paper which can be found here

A Reminder for all Year 11 Students

Important Reminder

All Year 11 students need to regularly check their school e-mails for important information that is sometimes sent to them.

If they are unsure of their email addresses please speak to one of the IT Technicians in F15.

Many thanks

Ms Brickett
Exams & Assessment Manager

Exam Anxiety - Supporting at Home 

Please click here for helpful advice on supporting your daughter through her exams.

Tips for College Interviews

Tips to make your interview a success are:

  • Have a conversation.  The most successful applicants are those who are themselves
  • Ask questions.  Do express your interest in why you want to study the subject(s) you have applied for and the College
  • Be yourself. Don’t try to answer questions based on what you think your interviewer wants to hear
  • Prepare.  Find out about the course(s) you’ve applied for.  Find out about the career paths or further study options.  Find out about the College.  Have a look through the website.
  • Be ready.  Always arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Lunch Money Loans

The number of students borrowing money for lunch increased dramatically last school year.  Lunch money loans should be for emergency purposes only. 

Walthamstow School for Girls offers a  Top-Up facility via sQuid enabling both students and parents to check balances, top-up lunch money, pay for trips and other sundry items at their own convenience. 

An automatic Top-Up can also be activated ensuring your daughter never runs out of money. 

A reminder to parents/carers that if you wish to pay for your daughter’s school meals by cheque, please make the cheque payable to ‘Olive Dining Ltd’.

All students have also been given usernames and passwords to enable payments to be made online via our sQuid system. If you would like a reminder of your daughter’s username and password please contact Student Services.

Ms Jolliffe
Student Services

College References 

If you require a college reference you need to hand in your completed application form to Student Services in the morning, before registration.  You will then be able to collect it after school that day.

Any applications/requests received after break may not be completed until the following day.

We have to adopt this procedure as hundreds of requests come in each year and they all need to be logged and completed.

If you collected your reference before the Christmas holidays it contains your Forecast Grade from your end of Year 10 exam results.  After Christmas this was updated and your college reference will have a Forecast Grade based on your Year 11 Mock Examination.

For on-line applications, where a contact e-mail address is requested, you should use the following address:

If you have any questions please see Ms Jean-Baptiste or Ms Jolliffe.


GCSE PE revision guides are for sale from the PA office for £2.50 each.

Please see Ms Wood or Ms Warren if you would like to buy one.