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Walthamstow School for Girls

Our Uniform

WSFG Uniform Summer Term 2021

We are very proud of our school uniform at WSFG and we wish to ensure that all students and their families are clear about the high expectations that we have in terms of the standard of dress that is expected for school. The WSFG uniform is very versatile and students have a number of choices of uniform items.

Please ensure that if you are purchasing new items of uniform that they are of the permitted styles. The recommended suppliers stock the correct, accepted items of uniform. Any items that are not listed on the accompanying page are not acceptable for school and you will be asked to change the item for one that is within the uniform rules.

Please note carefully the guidelines on uniform which can be seen in the visual guide below - this is being updated and will be added shortly.

Also please note that your daughter will not be allowed to wear noticeable make-up that is not minimal or discreet, neither is she allowed to wear false (acrylic) nails or false eyelashes for school.

If you have any queries or questions about uniform, please contact your daughter’s Student Progress Leader.

Smart Watches 

Along with other electronic items and portable devices, Smart watches are not allowed to be worn in school. As well as being expensive items, and therefore not appropriate for students to carry around or wear in school, most smartwatches give access to a mobile phone and/or mobile phone notifications. In line with our policy on mobile phones, it is not appropriate for these to be in school.

Thank you for your help with enforcing this rule.

Ms Marriott
Head Teacher


E-mail to all parents/carers re uniform - April 2021 

Thursday 1st April 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

I wanted to thank you all for your support this term and for working together to make it so successful.  Thank you to all those parents who have written to us to thank our staff, who have enabled a smooth transition back to school and have been generous in their care and guidance.  As a new headteacher, it is really heartening, not only to know that I am leading such a fantastic team, but also that WSFG is a school where we work together as a community to support each other, despite experiencing some of the most difficult circumstances of our lifetimes.

School Uniform

Some students have become forgetful about standards of uniform during lockdown, perhaps because of spending such a long time at home.   As an outstanding school with an excellent reputation in the community, it is important that our students are ambassadors for the school and uphold high standards at all times.  We would therefore like to institute a uniform ‘refresh’ when we return to school on the 19th of April, and we are asking you to support us by ensuring that your daughter is dressed in full school uniform.

In the week commencing 19th April, students will be given the opportunity to ensure their uniform is correct and they will be reminded throughout the week of the school’s expectations.

From the week commencing 26th April, full and correct uniform will be expected from all students, without question. Items will be confiscated if they are not allowed as per our uniform expectations and students will be sent home to collect any missing uniform items that are required for the day.

Please see the WSFG uniform expectations below:-

  • Dark, bottle green pleated knee length skirt or trousers in the acceptable school styles
  • Dark, bottle green religious dress in plain, cotton fabric.
  • Strictly no jeans style trousers, tight trousers or leggings are permitted.
  • Plain white blouse with shirt collar to be worn by all. Shirts can be long sleeved or short sleeved and must be worn tucked in.
  • Plain white vest top can be worn under the school shirt if necessary.
  • Dark, bottle green sweater, cardigan or sweatshirt without any logo. No other colours of sweater, cardigan or sweatshirt are permitted.
  • Plain black, white or bottle green knee socks, ankle socks or tights are to be worn at all times. No over the knee socks are permitted.
  • Plain black low-heeled sensible shoes or boots. Trainers and higher heels are not permitted. Footwear must have black laces and not have any pattern, colour or branded logos.
  • Plain, black coat or jacket that is suitably waterproof. Denim, leather, faux leather jackets and hoodies are not permitted to be brought onto the school premises.
  • Hijabs must be plain white or dark bottle green and must be worn pinned securely.
  • School blazer with WSFG logo is compulsory for all years and must be worn at all times.

Uniform Extras:

  • Make-up, if worn, must be minimal and discreet. False eyelashes, eyelash extensions, acrylic or other types of nail extensions are not permitted.
  • Students are permitted to wear one small stud in each ear (which should be no bigger than the size of a pea) and a wristwatch only. Facial piercings and visible body piercings (including tongue piercings) are not permitted. Any other jewellery items will be confiscated and will only be returned to parents / carers.
  • Hair must be of a natural colour and hair of a non-natural colour is not permitted. All hair accessories must be small, discreet and plain.
  • Coloured or patterned contact lenses are not permitted.
  • Lanyard, One Card and Conduct Card must be worn at all times as uniform items.

Currently, masks are to be worn by all students, both in corridors and in classrooms, in compliance with the government guidance and the school risk assessment.

The school reserves the right to ask a student who is not in correct uniform to remove non-uniform items or change into uniform items provided by the school for the day.  The school does not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any confiscated items.

The school uniform is a ‘professional’ dress code which sets an appropriate tone for a school working environment where the work is learning.  I hope you can support us by ensuring that your daughter wears the correct uniform when we return. 

If you need any financial support in purchasing uniform items, there is additional money available in our hardship fund.  Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s SPL, or e-mail the school, if this is the case.

Change to the School Day

You will be delighted to hear that, following consultation with staff and students, we will be reverting to the extended one hour lunch.  Please see the timetable below.

Entry times remain as they have been previously but students will revert to the later finish times to facilitate a 1 hour lunch break for the summer term:

Y7 dismissal 3:20pm

Y8 dismissal 3:20pm

Y9 dismissal 3:25pm

Y10 dismissal 3:30   (Tuesday -3:45) 

Y11 dismissal 3:30  (Wednesday-3:45) 









Thank you in advance for your support. 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a relaxing Spring break.

Yours faithfully

Ms H Marriott

Uniform Suppliers:

Speedstitch, Unit 32, Walthamstow Business Centre, Clifford Road, Walthamstow London E17 4SX. Tel - 0208 531 4800

Victoria 2, 246 Hoe Street, Walthamstow Tel – 020 8520 2176

Fashion Fair, 184 – 186 High Street, Walthamstow Tel – 020 8503 7048

PE Uniform: New style PE kit, compulsory for year 7 and 8 students. Only available from Speedstitch.
Essential items

  • Black and green WSFG polo t-shirt
  • Black WSFG jogging pants OR black/green WSFG shorts OR black/green WSFG skort
  • Trainers

Optional items

  • Green WSFG sweater
  • Black and green WSFG tracksuit jacket
  • Plain black leggings can be worn under shorts/skort but not on their own

Old style PE kit - can be worn by year 9, 10 and 11 students.
Essential items

  • Yellow polo t-shirt
  • Green jogging pants OR green shorts
  • Trainers

Optional items

  • Green sweater
  • Plain black leggings can be worn under shorts/skort but not on their own