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Covid-19 Latest Information

email to all Parents/Carers re Public Health Guidance Changes 3 May 2022

e-mail to all parents/carers re masks 13 May 2021

 Risk Assessment

Returning to School and Testing - March 2021 

e-mail to all parents/carers re home testing 24 March 2021

e-mail to all parents/carers re home testing

Letter from LBWF re Return to School/Attendance/Testing

Student Information Video on Covid Lateral Flow Testing

e-mail to all parents/carers re return to school/Covid testing

We would like to remind parents and carers that the lateral flow tests we provide are only for people with NO symptoms. 

If your child has symptoms, such as a cough, cold, temperature, then you will need to have a PCR test and let the school know the result. 

See the NHS website for further information on the different tests for Covid19.

Ms Snowsill
Deputy Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers

You will be aware from our recent communication that we are planning to undertake three lateral flow tests as per the Government guidelines during the next 2-3 weeks. A massive thank you to you all for promptly responding to our requests to provide consent for the testing for each of your daughters. If you have forgotten to respond or lost the e-mail link you can still provide the consent via this link:

Consent Form

You will have received an appointment for the date and time of your daughter’s first test. If you have provided consent, then please do emphasise the importance of your daughter attending her appointment on time as you will appreciate that we have many students to test each day, so it is a very tight schedule that we have to stick to. The video link below may be helpful to assure yourselves of the testing facility setup and help set the expectations of what your daughter will need to do during the testing process. Please encourage her to watch the video before attending her first testing appointment:

Student Information Video on Covid Lateral Flow Testing

You may also find it useful to go through the “How to do the Test” guidance document below on the
self-swabbing process with your daughter, to provide added assurance if they are apprehensive. If your daughter is worried or apprehensive, please assure them that staff will be on hand to guide them through the process and if they have any questions they should not be afraid to ask. Once your daughter has completed the test, they will leave the school premises and their test results will be sent to the contact details provided in the consent forms. The results are usually sent out by the NHS Test and Trace system within 1-2 hours of us uploading them onto the system. Please don’t be alarmed if the results do not get to you immediately as there are time lags with the system from time to time. The school will not be sending negative test results to you via email/SMS separately. For any positive tests results that occur, we will be contacting the affected parents to ensure that you have the results as soon as possible, so you can make the necessary arrangements for your daughter to self-isolate as per the Government guidance. Assuming the test result is negative, your daughter should attend school the following day to resume their lessons as per their normal timetable.

The subsequent second and third lateral flow tests will be conducted during lessons over the following 2 weeks and you will be sent test results via NHS Test and Trace on the days when your daughter is tested.

Once the three tests have been carried out we will aim to provide your daughter with a home testing kit so that they can conduct home lateral flow tests as per the government guidance for the foreseeable future, until testing is withdrawn. We will provide test kits to all families who consented to the testing process and instruction booklets will accompany those test kits to explain the full home testing process and how to record test results.

If your daughter has had a positive test result within the last 90 days, Public Health England recommend that another test is not undertaken within the following 90-day period to avoid false positives from being recorded. If that is the case for your daughter, please do advise us via the school e-mail address so we can log this. Any future home testing kits we provide your daughter with should be used after the 90-day period is completed.

We thank you in advance for your support and co-operation, and if you do have any questions please do contact us via the school email address.

Many thanks

Mr. Jalil
Business Manager and Covid Testing Co-ordinator

Essential Information for Parents/Carers 

From the DfE - translations of Children Returning to School Booklet

Face Masks 

London Borough of Waltham Forest updates 

Here is a booklet full of information that we hope will help our students and parents/carers during this uncertain time ...

A Guide to Living with Worry and Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty






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COVID-19 Letter to Parents and Carers 18 March 2020

Please see the links below for further information.

Letter to Parents and Carers 17 March 2020

COVID-19 Update

The school has been keeping students, parents/carers and staff up to date on the latest developments on the spread of COVID-19 and the school will continue to follow the advice of the government via the Department for Education and Public Health England. Following the Cobra meeting held yesterday by the Prime Minister, the school will remain open, until advised otherwise by the government. However, as the situation may change over the course of the next few weeks, staff are preparing work for students to complete at home in the event of a regional or nationwide closure of schools. It is therefore vital to ensure that the school office have the correct contact number for parents and carers, as in the event of a closure we would use our usual methods of communication to inform the school community, such as Groupcall and the school website. If you have recently changed your contact number, please inform the school office.

In light of the decision to keep schools open, you may be aware that we have provided tissues in all classrooms and that the toilets have now been opened throughout the day to allow students to wash their hands. Please remind your child to wash their hands on arrival at school and when they arrive home after school. The Leadership Team last week focused on informing students of the present issue through assemblies.  As well as dispelling myths, the slides used, which you may find helpful, can be found below.

A reminder that should you, or your child, experience any symptoms that indicate that you could have COVID-19 such as a continuous cough and fever, please follow the self-isolation guidance issued by the government, which can be found here:

Due to the travel restrictions placed on Italy and in line with advice, you may be aware that the ski trip scheduled to take place in April has been cancelled. We are reviewing all planned trips on a case by case basis and will inform parents of any cancellations via e-mail.