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Performing Arts News

News from our Performing Arts (Drama, Music & PE) Faculty

For more information about subjects taught by this Faculty, please see the subject pages for Drama, Music and P.E.

To contact our Performing Arts Faculty staff, please click here

Walking Challenge for Year 7

Year 7 students in PE have been tasked with the challenge to walk the distance from London to the Peak District.

The challenge is running from Monday 22nd February to Friday 5th March and students are to track their local walks/runs to reach the total of 142.4 miles.

Good luck!

Ms Wood
PE Faculty                  

Essex Young Musician of the Year 



Performing Arts Faculty Wordsearch - Drama

Words supplied by the Performing Arts Faculty on the subject: Drama.

Corps of Army Music Virtual Events 

Please see below our poster for upcoming events being run by the Corps of Army Music. If any of your students are interested in taking part in these events, please ask them to register their interest at this link.

Romeo and Juliet - new adaptation 

Streaming From 13 Feb For 1 Week Only

Don’t miss a brand new filmed adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet", starring Olivier Award Winner Sam Tutty and narrated by Derek Jacobi!

Click here to view ...

Performing Arts Faculty Wordsearch - Music 

Words supplied by the Performing Arts Faculty on the topic of Music

FREE After School sessions at Chingford Cricket Club 

1-2-1 online music lessons with Waltham Forest Music Service

Waltham Forest Music Service offer 1-2-1 
instrumental and vocal lessons held on Zoom
with specialist instrumental and vocal tutors.

There are many benefits to online teaching, such as convenience (no need to travel), having time and space to warm up before the lesson and the availability of online musical resources to support the lesson.

  • Lessons can be taken for 20 or 30 minutes each week.
  • Online lessons can deliver an excellent musical experience for children and young people that is both fun and helps them to make progress with their instrument or voice.

How Zoom lessons work (pdf)

How to book 1-2-1 Zoom lessons

1. Sign up for online lessons here

 Tell us which instrument you’d like to learn, how long you’d like the lesson for and your availability.

2. We'll contact you to arrange the lesson time, day and start date, and will confirm the fee.

3. Pay for the lessons here

4. Then we’ll email you a Zoom link to login to the set of lessons before the first lesson.

Instrument hire

Pupils having lessons in school or on Zoom with us can hire an instrument. The hire fee is £23 per term or part of term, with 50% discount for families on a low income. Please contact us to hire or return instruments to our office which is open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm during term time:

  • 020 8496 1584
  • The Music Service office address is: The School Lodge, Woodbury Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9SB

Social distancing measures are in place at our office and we may ask you to wait outside while we get your instrument. Any visitors who enter the building must wear a mask and use hand sanitiser. 

Please visit our website for more information about lessons, or contact us if you have any further questions.

Juliet Owen

Performing Arts Faculty Word Search - PE

Words supplied by the P.E. Department based on dance, trampoline and fitness.

Freya Completes 10k Challenge

Congratulations to Freya 7F who completed the Lockdown Challenge 10km Virtual Race at home.

Here is Freya's medal - well done!

Keep staying active,

Ms Wood 
Head of PE

Swimming Success for Bonnie

WSFG Student's Success at Waltham Forest Gators Swimming Club

A big congratulation to Bonnie 8S who has qualified for the Essex County Championships and will be competing in 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke and 200m Backstroke. 

A huge achievement! Good luck in the next races!! 

Ms Wood

Rowing Success for Abby

British National Indoor Year 11 Rowing Championships

We are please to announce that Abby 11F  won a Gold Medal at the British National Indoor Year 11 Rowing Championships at the Olympic Velodrome in December.  Abby rowed a distance of 1,664 metres in 6 minutes.

She also won the Silver Medal in the 500 metres indoor event on the same day. The winner of that event broke the British Record and we also think that Abby was inside the previous record as well. 

Ms Wood

Year 7 Sharing Evening 

Last Thursday, we held our third Year 7 Sharing Evening. The event took place in the Hewett Hall where each Year 7 Form Group performed a song that they had been working on in their music lessons. The theme of the event was ‘Energy’ and the repertoire included musical theatre and pop songs.

The evening also featured performances from Voice who sang 'Glory' as part of our Black History Month Celebrations and also from The Soundbreakers who performed 'Let Me Down' by Jorja Smith and Stormzy. The finale was 'You Can't Stop the Beat' from Hairspray which was performed by the whole of Year 7. Thank you to everyone who attended the event and well done to our Year 7s.

Ms Bradshaw

Sporting Events 2019-20 

The year 8 netball team continued their winning streak in the WF League this evening, beating Buxton 11-0.  

Please congratulate the following students who played extremely well: Debra 8C , player of the match), Nell 8W (player of the match), Aminah 8C, Hannah 8C, Betty 8G, Aishah 8F, Sophie 8G, Seeraya 8S, Jahmica 8S, Bolu 8C, Iqra 8C

Ms Warren

Waltham Forest Year 8 Netball Rally

On Friday 7th March the year 8 netball team attended the Waltham Forest Rally at Redbridge Leisure Centre.  The students played a number of different teams from within the borough including Forest, Holy Family and Chingford who are all very strong netball schools.  All students worked extremely hard throughout the afternoon and we finished in 4th place overall.

Congratulations to the following students: Betty 8G, Debra 8C, Aminah 8C, Hannah 8C, Tenzin 8C, Alex 8W, Nell 8W, Aishah 8F, Anna 8F

Ms Warren

The Year 8 netball team started their season with a win tonight against South Chingford.  The students played extremely well in their first game together and the final score was 15-6.

Please congratulate the students involved: Debra 8C (player of the match), Hannah 8C, Iqra 8C, Aminah 8C, Tenzin 8C, Bolu 8C, Nell 8W, Alex 8W, Aishah 8F, Anna 8F, Betty 8G

Ms Warren 

The Year 8 basketball team played really well this evening and gave every ounce of effort & energy they had during the game.  Unfortunately it was not quite enough to beat a very strong team from Holy Family.  The final score was an extremely close 12-16 and even though the students are disappointed not to be in the finals I am very proud of them.

Please congratulate them on their efforts if you see them ... Debra 8C (joint player of the match), Fadwa 8F, Betty 8G, Jahmica 8S, Aminah 8C, Nell 8W, Leigh 8G (joint player of the match), Bolu 8C, Hannah 8C, Abida 8G, Hira 8H, Roisin 8H.

Ms Warren 

The Year 8 basketball team have made it through to the borough semi-finals!!!  The game will be here with tip off at approximately 3:45pm on Wednesday 29th.  If anyone would like to come along to the sports hall and watch the game the students would really appreciate the support.

Please wish them good luck: 
Debra 8C, Fadwa 8F, Betty 8G, Jahmica 8S, Aminah 8C, Nell 8W, Leigh 8G, Bolu 8C, 
Hannah 8C, Abida 8G, Hira 8H

Thank you

Ms Warren

The students played very well at the Essex Championships yesterday and both the U14 and U16 teams finished in 3rd place.  This is a great achievement for the students who they were competing against some very high quality badminton players. 

Please congratulate the students if you see them ... Aini 11W, Maarya 11F, Saniya 11W, Safa 11S, Hannah 8C, Alishia 9S, Demmy 9C, Tenzin 8C, 

Thank you

Ms Warren

The Year 8s have had a busy couple of nights of sport and played their last borough league game against Buxton on Wednesday evening. 

The students all worked very hard and we beat Buxton 26-2!!!  We will now have to wait to find out if we have made it through to the borough semi finals next week.

Please congratulate the students: Debra 8C, (awarded joint player of the match), Fadwa 8F, Betty 8G, Jahmica 8S, Aminah 8C, Nell 8W  (awarded joint player of the match), Leigh 8G, Bolu 8C, Hannah 8C, Abida 8G

Thank you

Ms Warren

On Tuesday we kicked off the Year 8 Football League at the Peter May Centre.  We played three matches and the results were:

WSFG vs Highams Park - 0-0                 
WSFG vs  Kelmscott - 1-0
WSFG vs Lammas  - 0-3                                    

Please congratulate the following students: 

Betty 8G, Nell 8W, Hirah May 8H, Debra 8C, Hannah 8C, Net 8H, Niamh 8H,Leigh 8G,  Sophie 8S.

Thank you

Ms Wood

Year 8 U13 Handball

Congratulations to the U13 handball team who finished 3rd in the Borough Championships.

The team members were : Betty 8G, Hannah 8C, Aminah 8C, Lily 8W, Hira-May 8H, Nell 8W, Tenzin 8C, Debra 8C, Leigh 8G, Josephine 8C

They all played very well and improved over their game.

Ms  Heron

Last night the Year 7 Football team were in the final 8 of the Borough Championships.

They played the quarter finals against Lammas winning 2-1.

They then played the semi finals against Willowfield winning 2-0.

They then played the final against Heathcote. Unfortunately, they lost 3-1.

Please congratulate the following students as it is an amazing achievement for them to be 2nd best in the borough.

Aaliyah 7W, Breanna 7C, Sarah 7G, Samanta 7F, Sabrina 7F, Miray Mizal 7F, Fadma 7G, 
Alice 7W, Chanelle 7G, Eliza 7W, Isobel 7F

Ms Wood 

The Year 8 Basketball team finished the year with a convincing win over Chingford Foundation School this evening. They all played exceptionally well and the final score was 12-4!  Please congratulate the students if you see them:

Debra 8C (awarded joint player of the match), Fadwa 8F (awarded joint player of the match), Betty 8G, Jahmica 8S, Aminah 8C, Nell 8W, Leigh 8G, Bolu 8C, Hannah 8C

Just one more game left of the season next year against Buxton and then we will find out if we have made it into the borough finals.

Ms Warren 

On Tuesday we continued the Year 7 Football League at the Peter May Centre.  We are now through to the final which will take place next Tuesday.  I will keep you updated.

The year 7 team played two games:

WSFG vs George Mitchell B - 5-0                    

WSFG vs  George Mitchell A  - 0-0                                               

Please congratulate the following students:  Aaliyah 7W, Breanna 7C, Sarah 7G, Samanta 7F, Sabrina 7F, Miray 7F, Fadma 7G, Alice 7W, Chanelle 7G, Eliza 7W, Isobel 7F


Ms Wood 

WSFG students performed extremely well at the Waltham Forest Borough Badminton Championships this afternoon. 

The Under 14 A team won their competition (Hannah 8C, Alishia 9S, Demmy 9C & Tenzin 8C) and the Under 16 team also won their competition (Aini 11W, Maarya 11F, Saniya 11W & Safa 11S). 

Both teams are now borough champions so please congratulate the students if you see them.

The Under 14 B team also played really well (Aminah 8C, Betty 8G, Yasmeen 9S & Joy 8W) so please congratulate them too if you get the chance.

Ms Warren

The Year 8 basketball team won another game this evening against Walthamstow Academy.  It was a very close match but the final score was 6-4!  The students played so well as a team and they definitely deserved the win.

Please congratulate them if you get the chance: Leigh 8G (awarded player of the game), Debra 8C, Betty 8G, Jahmica 8S, Aminah 8C, Nell 8W, Fadwa 8F, Hira 8H, 
Bolu 8C, Abida 8G


Ms Warren

Congratulations to the U13 handball team who finished 3rd yesterday.

Please congratulate the following students.

Betty 8G, Hannah 8C, Aminah 8C, Lily 8W, Hira-May 8H, Nell 8W, Tenzin 8C,  Debra 8C, Leigh 8G, Josephine 8C

They all played very well and improved over their games.

Ms Heron

On Tuesday we continued the year 7 football league at the Peter May Centre. 

The year 7 team played three games;

WSFG vs Willowfield  - 4-0

WSFG vs Heathcote  - 1-1

WSFG vs Lammas - 1-0

Please congratulate the following students: Aaliyah 7W, Breanna 7C, Sarah 7G,  Samanta 7F, Sabrina 7F, Miray 7F, Fadma 7G, Alice 7W, Chanelle 7G, Eliza 7W, 
Isobel 7F

Ms Wood

The year 8s had their second basketball game of the season at George Mitchell School and they won 32-6!  

A fantastic score, please congratulate the students if you see them:

Hannah 8C (player of the match), Debra 8C (also player of the match!!!), Leigh 8G, Betty 8G, Tenzin 8C, Jahmica 8S, Abida 8G, Nell 8W, Fadwa 8F.

Ms Warren 

Year 7 Football

We kicked off the Year 7 Football League last night at the Peter May Centre. The Year 7 team played three games, winning all of them. 

WSFG vs Highams Park - 4-0 

WSFG vs Holy Family - 3-2

WSFG vs Buxton - 2-1

Please congratulate the following students;

Aaliyah 7W, Breanna 7C, Sarah 7G, Samanta 7F, Sabrina 7F, Miray 7F, Fadma 7G, 
Alice 7W, Chanelle 7G, Eliza 7W

Ms Wood

Year 8 Basketball

The Year 8 basketball team had their first game this evening against Holy Family.  They played extremely well and it was one of the closest games I have seen in a long time with our girls winning 20-18!

Please congratulate the following students if you see them:

Debra 8C (awarded player of the match), Hannah  8C, Aaminah 8C, Nell 8W, Leigh 8G, Betty 8G, Abida 8G, Fadwa 8F, Hira 8H 

Ms Warren 

Year 9 Netball

The Year 9 netball team won the semi final against Holy Family 4-2 earlier this week. They played the final the same night against Chingford. Unfortunately, we lost 4-1 in the final match but second place overall is a fantastic  achievement.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support.

Congratulations to the following students-played very well:
Seryiah 9F, Renecia 9F, Maria 9F, Rosie 9W, Phoenix 9W, Alina 9W, Emily 9S, Malaika 9S, Yngie 9H, Malaika 9H 

Ms Wood

All Years Street Dance Club

We will be running a street dance club with a professional street dance teacher.

Tuesday 3.30-5.00pm 

If you would like to attend the club YOU MUST SIGN UP AT MS WOOD'S OFFICE F05

Details will follow once you have signed up.

Ms Wood 

National Junior Rowing Championships

Year 11 student,  Abby rowed at the National Junior Rowing Championships at the end of July in Nottingham, over the Olympic distance of 2km. She rowed in an eight in the Under 18 Junior Women Category.

Abby was representing the Lea Rowing Club and the team won the Silver Medal. She was very pleased to get her first national outdoor medal.

Well done Abby!

Ms Wood
Head of PE

London Youth Games Indoor Rowing / Swimming 

At the weekend three students competed in the London Youth Games.

Abigail 10F  competed in the indoor rowing  and won the Year 10 girls event. Abby rowed 1386 metres in five minutes, finishing just over 40 metres ahead of the next competitor.

Abby along with Aoife 10F and Ella 9W also competed the day before and helped the girls’ swimming team finish 8th overall, which is a significant  improvement on previous years and is a very respectable placing when you consider that there are thirty London Boroughs.

In the senior girls medley relay, Aoife (50 breast stroke) and Abby (50 butterfly) and two other girls swimming backstroke and freestyle came 5th, which was a great result and made them the best placed Waltham Forest relay team.

Well done to all our student competitors!

Ms Wood 
SPL Year 9
Head of PE 

Waltham Forest Borough Athletics

The students were fantastic at the Borough Athletics Championships on Friday and we had one of our biggest medal hauls for quite a few years.  Please congratulate the following students on their success:

Ava  7G - Silver medal in 200m

Sylvie  9F - Silver medal in 200m

Sasha  9C - Bronze in 100m

Jessica 9F - Bronze in 800m

Evie 10H - Silver in 800m

Kimberley 9G - Silver in high jump

Deepthighaa 10H - Silver in javelin

Sienna 9S - Bronze in triple jump

Nell 7W - Silver in triple jump

Rachel 9F - Silver in long jump

Phoenix 8W - Silver in high jump

Ms Warren

Female Only Football Teams 

Female Only Football Teams and Development Programmes (AFC Leyton - Arsenal Sister Club)

AFC Leyton is a female only football club based in Waltham Forest.  Despite our name, all our matches and squad training occurs at Salisbury Hall playing Fields and 3G pitches, Walthamstow Avenue, E4 8ST - which is the back of Sainsbury’s just off the Billet Roundabout.  

We have 330 female players in our club and we play competitively in the Essex Girls County Football League as well as the Capital Girls Cups.

We are looking for players to join our League teams  in the following age groups:

  • Ages 8 to 11 - for our existing U10s and U11s teams and our new U9s team
  • Age 11 to 12 - for our new U13s team
  • Age 15 to 16 - for our new U16s team

Development players of any age 5+ are welcome to join us.  We have sessions for all ages (including ladies 18+)

Any female players that love to play football and would benefit from professional UEFA training in an excellent community based female only football club, see the letter below.  Talented players in
AFC Leyton have gone on to play for Watford, West Ham, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Millwall and at Essex and Charlton Regional Talent Centres as well as England U15s training camps.

For schools, we are also offering free football development sessions for your existing girls' teams to try out our professional UEFA coaching.  This programme is designed to get girls interested and stay in football/team sports.  

If you would like any further information on AFC Leyton, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes

Louise McGing
Club Secretary
AFC Leyton Girls

Welcome to the Forest!

Welcome to the Forest

Earlier this term, you may remember Tulin and Maui from the Year 10 steelband were filmed playing at No 1 Hoe Street, in preparation for their participation in Waltham Forest's 'Borough of Culture' Opening Ceremony on January 11th 2019.

As you can see their hugely magnified images were projected on to the Town Hall during the  ceremony.  

We are pleased that the school did feature in the community at this historic local event  - once again, via the Steel Band!

Mr Murphy
Teacher of Steel Pans.

  Student Journalists 

Review of Grimm Tales at the Unicorn Theatre by Crystal Year 10

On Tuesday 13th November, I had the pleasure of seeing a re-worked version of Grimm Tales Adapted by Philip Wilson and Directed by Kirsty Housley at the Unicorn Theatre. At first glance, the set seemed to be smaller than I imagined it to be, for a play tackling the tales of the Grimm Brothers. However, by walking in you were transformed into a land of magic and whimsy, courtesy of the lighting and music playing. The actors played their characters extremely well, staying in character throughout the play.

The play starts with a family preparing for Christmas the night before, preparing food to cook the next day and placing presents under the tree. The children (Giulia Innocenti, Rachel Hosker and Enoch Lwanga) are running around the house, anxiously waiting for Christmas the next day. When the parents finally get them to bed David Emmings, who plays the father for this part of the play, tucks in the children and tells them a bedtime story called “Hans my Hedgehog” some of the actors acted out what another actor was narrating. They used the set to their full abilities, climbing on top of boxes, using costumes. After finishing the story, they also acted out red riding hood and Hansel and Gretel were also acted out. The actors play different characters, intertwining all the stories to one cohesive play. I have to applaud the actors and actresses on their ability to change characters so quickly. Afterwards, all of the villains “came to life” coming down the stairs while interacting with the audience and coming out of closets. The lighting heightened the experience while the children fought the fairy tale monsters. The screams coming from the audience shows it was effective and it also made my heart skip a beat.

The set then changes when the villains are defeated, and the backdrop becomes an extended part of the stage. This surprised me, but I was amazed at the creativity used to adapt the set. While I was watching the play, there were technical difficulties, but the cast and crew took it in their stride and repaired it during the interlude. As the show went on the extended part of the set resembled a forest, with Christmas trees littered everywhere. The tables are turned and instead of the children telling their stories, they became part of them when transported to this fairy tale land. The actors and actresses switch characters depending on the stories. More stories were told, becoming stranger and stranger as time went on.

Overall, I really enjoyed the play, I think it was well executed, engaging and an interesting twist of fairy tales originally by the brothers Grimm. The cast did an amazing job, and so did the crew. While watching the play, I was fully immersed into the story line, as had not heard many of the stories told during the play. I walked out of the theatre wishing I could see it all over again. While asking my peers about the play, they said this: “Been one of the best I’ve seen here” and “Amazing play, really put me in the Christmas mood”.

I highly recommend watching the play Grimm Tales at the Unicorn theatre relatively soon as it is only showing until the 6th January 2019. To book tickets go to the Unicorn website at It is a play worth watching with the family to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Sports Day 2018

On Wednesday afternoon, the whole school made it down to the Feel Good Centre to compete in track athletics events.  For the year 10s it was their last one which some really enjoyed:

“Today was really fun, we got to spend time with our form.”  (Amal 10W)

For year 7s it was their first sports day and they clearly enjoyed it:

“I like the adrenaline and competing against all other forms.” (Joni 7W)

For some it wasn’t as exciting:

“I’m too tired.”  (Divya 10W)

Although there were mixed views, we got some new school records:

Year 7 - Malaika in 7F ran 2:47 in the 800m.

Year 8 – Molly in 8G ran 2:46 in the 800m.

This year’s sports day was really well by the PE Department.  We are looking forward to the next sports day with the new year 7 students.

Written by Melissa and Amie  10S

Year 9 Netball Game

Last Thursday 13th September our year 9s faced Chingford Foundation in their first netball match of the year.

They successfully won the match which consisted of two halves of ten minutes.  At the end of the first half the result was 4-1 to WSFG which left us very hopeful going into the second half.  At the end of the second half Chingford came back fighting however WSFG still came out on top.  The end result was 4-3 to us.

Although it was a WSFG win the girls were clear on their areas for improvement.

“We worked well as a team and know what we need to work on next time.”  Jessica 9W

“We need to communicate a bit more as a team to be sure of great results.” Jae-Ming 8F

Ms Warren was very pleased with the girls’ performance.  “The year 9s are a fantastic team, they work so well together and their team spirit is incredible.  Every member gives 100% effort in every game and it is a pleasure to take them to fixtures.”   Ms Warren

Article by Amie and Melissa 
(PE student journalists)

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