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International Women's Day Poetry & Art

Year 10 Students Illustrate the Day in Words and Pictures

International Women’s Day Poetry 2020

My French Poem -  

Inspired by Simone Beauvoir 

Nous avons besoin d’avoir la liberté. 

Nous devons nous battre pour l’égalité. 

J’espère que nous pourrons vivre dans une société de 



We need to have freedom/liberty.

We have to fight for equality.

I hope we will be able to live in a society of brotherhood.


Ma sœur que nous avons lue, nous avons appris de vous. 

Nous avons besoin de gagner notre victoire, 

Parce que vous avez souffert pour nous. 


My sister we have read, from whom we have learned.

We have to win our victory,

Because you have suffered for us.


Où nous pouvons tous vivre dans un endroit. 

Où nous ne serons pas jugés par notre sexe. 

Que nos enfants et petits-enfants ne vivent pas dans un monde où les hommes ont plus de privilèges  

Nous avons la clé pour tout 

Mais c’est seulement si nous voulons l’avoir 

Et maintenant nous devons faire un changement dans ce monde pour le bien et pour le mieux. 


Where we can all live in a place.

Where we won’t be judged by our gender.

So that our children and grand children don’t live in a world where men have more privileges

We have the key to everything

But it is only if we want it

And now we have to make a change in this world for the good and for the best.


Zahra 10F

March 2020


I believe during International Women’s Day we should look back on the many brave women that paved the way for an equal society. Without women like the suffragettes and Frida Kahlo, we would not have the freedom to achieve and succeed in life. We still need to keep pushing our message of equality and take inspiration from these female icons.

I chose the play on words ”Her Story” because I believe that women are not appreciated and recognized throughout history.

In my history lessons we learn of strong, tyrant-like men that lead wars and political stand offs.

When do we learn about women?

It is their lives as mothers and wives that is most focused on .

Where are the recounts of strong, tryant-like women in the history curriculum?

I know there are some but where is their recognition?

It is important not to forget these women. Male dominance shadows all over history but at least for IWD let us focus on the women who have broken the barriers on injustice to lead us to the equality we have now.

Let us learn about her story.

Eloise 10W