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Year 7 GREEN Day

Annual Charity day a huge success

GREEN Day is an annual event held by Year 7 to raise money and display their art and work which they have done over the past year. GREEN Day was held during school last Thursday.

This year's chosen charity to raise money for was Samuel’s charity. Samuel was a nine year old boy who was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. He was very disappointed with the meals given to the children whilst in hospital and so he decided to take it upon himself, with the help of his dad, to raise money for the hospital to accommodate better meals.  He wanted the other children to have a decent choice as a meal isn’t just a meal for them, it is one of the things that can bring a little pleasure on an often horrible and scary day.

So now the hospital has a completely re-vamped menu for the children along with staff dedicated to supporting and helping the children their meals. Samuel started his charity to help sick kids and their families get through what is most likely the worst time in their lives, to make their time more bearable and to bring some relief, fun and hope to their day. Samuel’s Charity helps any sick children, whether in hospital or not.

There were multiple stalls to raise money such as a mini bar, a raffle, a coffee and hot chocolate stand, a marvellous book store  as well as donations for  entry to the exhibition.

Year 7 successfully raised over £150 which will be a great help to Samuel’s charity.

Raising money for such an incredible charity like Samuel's and having fun at the same time is a wonderful feeling.                                                                                      
Nuriyah 7C

As a GREEN rep I really enjoyed the day, it was a fun social event where I could have fun with my friends and enjoy the creative stalls such as nail painting.  Having our art displayed made me feel like I had achieved something, I’m satisfied with how the day turned out.      
Boluwatife 7C

Ms Philippou  
Assistant Headteacher