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The Parallel Project

Simon Singh's New Website Reviewed

Several students from Year 7 have signed up for Simon Singh’s website, Parallel. The Parallel Project aims to encourage young mathematicians to explore the world of mathematics by providing a weekly set of challenges that are designed to stretch brains and broaden horizons. The goal is to help good mathematicians become strong, and to help strong mathematicians become brilliant.

Here is some feedback from students:

I really like this website as it expands my maths knowledge and teaches new things that we don’t do in class. Another thing that I like is that when you have submitted your answers you can see what mistakes you have made and learn from this and try not to make same mistakes in the future.

Hira 7W

I think that the Parallel website is teaching new things but at the same time it is telling you that maths isn’t just about calculations and equations, it can be great fun as well! I think this website is really good and I will definitely carry on using it.

Rimsha 7W

Trying out a few exercises by Simon Singh was very different to standardised work in schools.It has allowed me to explore some new incredible theories and discover a fun side to maths.You truly get to understand the beauty of maths and how it can take you to entirely separate subjects. You get to know that maths always has one clear answer to everything, whether that be a letter or number. Parallelograms let you connect with maths in a completely new way. I have really enjoyed getting involved and trying some of the quizzes.

Chloe 7S

There are now 11 different puzzles for each year group and a new one comes out each week.

Ms Robinson
Challenge Coordinator