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Maths Inspiration

Year 10 students enjoyed the show

Last month, 30 students from Year 10 had the opportunity to attend three inspirational maths lectures at the Savoy Theatre, by Matt Parker, Hugh Hunt and Ben Sparks. Here is some feedback about the event:

Throughout the talks we learnt how mathematics is used in the real world which helped us to think about different career paths involving maths. For example, maths and engineering go hand in hand to produce high-functioning products of technology.  We also learnt about the dangers of gambling. Overall it was a great opportunity and a fantastic enrichment experience.

Brianna and Amy

The Maths Inspiration trip was an excellent opportunity to show the importance of working hard at the subject and how it can help us in so many ways. Matt Parker spoke about mathematical mistakes in the real world, then Hugh Hunt did a very interactive presentation where he discussed the formula F=ma. Finally, Ben Sparks talked about probability and the connection between maths and music. Overall it was a very educational trip.


Ben Sparks talked about the ‘Sacred Geometry of Chance’. He spoke about how probability affects populations and about the probabilities involved in a game of poker. He also used a practical demonstration of how probabilities can be counter-intuitive. It only needs 60 people for it to be almost certain that two people in the group will share a birthday. All in all, it was a really good talk and I would give the whole experience 10/10. It was very educational and I think more people should be able to have more opportunities like this more often. It really brought maths to life.


I think the Maths Inspiration trip was very useful as it showed the connection between maths and engineering in a very interactive way, using spinning wheels, balls and boomerangs! It gave me a much better understanding of motion and spin. It’s nice to know that maths has so many applications to daily life, and is not all about passing exams. The talk was a very good visual learning experience. I would recommend going to more talks like this as they stimulate the brain  and make us think, much more than a textbook. I really do hope I can do more of this in the future as it was such an inspiring  educational and enjoyable day.


Thank you to Ms Black and Mr Courtenay for joining us.

Ms Robinson
Challenge Coordinator