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Pi Day 2020

The Whole School Celebrates

Despite Pi Day being on a Saturday this year, it was still celebrated by the Maths Faculty, in the  week leading up to March 14th.

Year 7 developed their memory techniques, using colour coding of the digits, chanting and singing  to help memorise Pi. Classes had Pi recitation competitions, students made human Pi formations and some made Pi shaped biscuits.

Here is a selection of Pi themed photos from our activities.

Ms Robinson
Challenge Coordinator

   The Winner of 7M1 was Faith, who memorised
                            Pi to 107 decimal places
      The class standing in Pi formation is 11M1


   The biscuits at the title of this article and this                         stitching were both done by Eliza.
    The colourful grid is Pi, colour coded to 100                     decimal places, made out of origami paper