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Lockdown Poetry

Students Document their Experiences

Escaping Lockdown Poem

Every second, every day, just counting the minutes,

Can’t see friends at school, outdoors is off-limits.

Things are boring, so very boring, annoying and lame,

I’ll just escape the boredom by playing a game. 

I’ll paint and I’ll draw, make homemade banana bread.

I’ll spin and I’ll jump, balance books on my head.

I’ll sing and dance, belt out let it go.

I’ll scream and I’ll shout, use a broom to limbo.

I’ll stomp and I’ll stamp, win 100 games of cards,

I’ll skip and I’ll leap, design original lockdown land postcards.

I’ll run and I’ll jog, blast the Octonauts theme song on stereos,

I’ll plant and I’ll bake, eat 5 packets of Oreos.

I’ll craft and I’ll design, watch TikToks of cute dogs,

I’ll sew and I’ll knit, make pom-pom that look like hedgehogs.

I’ll sketch and I’ll play, protest for black rights,

I’ll learn and I’ll clean, use tin foil to dress up as knights.

Lockdown may be hard, filled with annoyance, frustration,

But the walls of my home don’t limit my imagination.

 Kacey  7S

In 2020 I lost

Hugs from my friends

Handshakes to greet them

A school and visiting grandparents


In 2020 I discovered

A fear of a sneeze

A fright of a cough

And discomfort of stranger nearby me.


In 2020 I found

Queues at the shops

Shortages of food

And people’s ability to stockpile


In 2020 in felt

Comfort of my home

Closeness of my family

Being enabled to carry on


In 2020 I wish

To feel safe and forget

To delete all this time

But we can’t. There were many we’ve lost.

Gabriele 8F 


Quarantine is confusing

And by that I mean good and bad

It Gives me loads of free time

Which makes it slightly less sad

I wanna meet all my friends

Do what we always do

But right now things are limited and there’s nothing we can do

Every day I hear bad news on social media

How racism is getting worse and worse

And the world isn’t getting better

I say quarantine is cursed

But others love it

Protests are happening

And I’m imagining

What it would be like with no pandemic

Would It go back to being aesthetic?

Or would there still be despair

For now covids still happening

Lives are being affected 8.06 million have gone

This wasn’t expected

Doctors are trying to help

Which even puts them at risk

Everyone is painting rainbows

To thank those that cured the sick  

Luckily covids fading away

And things are going ‘normal’

I was hoping things would go back by May

But at that time it was awful

2020 will be the year we’ll never forget

With the virus outbreak

That surrounded the web.

Meda 8G

It’s been a while now

since it started

I don’t know what to expect

Or what to know about


I’m glad everything is slowly coming back to normality

Although it doesn’t feel like it


It’s been a while now

Since I’ve hung out with my friends

Are they ok?

How are they doing?


I’m glad everything is slowly coming back to normality

Although it doesn’t feel like it


It’s been a while now

Since I’ve gone on holiday

Will it feel the same way when I do?

Are people still going to act like this?


I’m glad everything is slowly coming back to normality

Although it doesn’t feel like it

Maya 8C

Oh dear 2020

I have no fear

You are a strange year

Filled with questions

You are unexpected

You are a surprise

But I still love you

You have taught us things we never knew

But why have you taken so many lives?

Oh dear 2020

Will next year be the same?

Rania 8F