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Student Pens Farewell Poem

Ffarwel a phob lwc Lucy!

Year 9 student, Lucy who is sadly leaving WSfG to move to Wales this summer wrote this wonderful poem as a goodbye.

Farewell and good luck Lucy! Ffarwel a phob lwc.    

The Lockdown began with a novelty air

New set up for desk with an office chair

Workpacks from school, a choice of tasks to do

An order from Ryman for new files too

Most pleasing was the discovery that dressing gowns

Are the perfect attire for home schooling in lockdowns


The Easter Holidays came, normal holiday plans out

Feeling scared I’m out, my facemask hides my pout

Mainly stuck inside with no visitors and no fresh air

Worries about my mum’s health and her needs for my care

So, to help we decided on a move down to Wales to cope with all that

to my aunties caravan to isolate with my mum and the cat


A new setting for schoolwork, in the caravan with the cat

My files and my folders around where I’m sat

Online schooling begins, overwhelming at first

But the school’s willing to listen before my head bursts!

Everyone’s learning a new way to learn and teach

Finding new ways which are within reach


After two weeks a move into their home

with much better reception for my mobile phone!

A family to live with, more people to hug

With a dog who likes to get amorous with his favourite rug

Home-schooling with cousins, there’s nothing like kin,

Alongside Cooking and the odd scrabble win


And alongside this change comes another far bigger

For which Coronavirus is the final trigger

I’ve been feeling so happy in Wales where the air is fresh and the scenery green

Where there’s less people, pollution, noise and neighbours who scream

So, me and my mum, we’re moving to Wales

When Welsh Estate Agents resume lettings and sales


In June school starts again as I start to struggle

With now common stresses, in need of a cuddle

As the weeks go by new routines emerge

More schoolwork completed as I get the urge

As we adjust to new norms of gloves and masks

I plod along completing my tasks


By July the prospect of moving, saying goodbye to my friends

feels overwhelming with so many loose ends

A chat with Miss Warren helps me find my way through

with a promise of a future visit to say my goodbyes too

Refocused on schoolwork and Microsoft Teams

Tutor group chats and GCSE dreams


As I learn to deal with the uncertainty this new world brings,

I’ve developed resilience, self-discipline and a new take on things

And whilst I’m sad my time at WSFG has come to a close

I’m thankful for the memories, the lessons and even poetry prose

And I’ll carry forward a motto deep inside me

To remember to “Neglect not the Gift that is in Thee”

Lucy, Year 9