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Walthamstow School for Girls Ofsted Outstanding Provider

"Piece of Cake" Baking Challenge

Students show off their skills in the kitchen

During lockdown, we set students a small challenge of selecting and making a recipe from one of our free online books. 

Below are some excellent examples of our students’ talents:




“I made chocolate owl cupcakes with my sister this morning for the Piece of Cake Challenge. My owls are sitting on a chocolate cake tree with mint leaves as decoration. They  tasted very nice!”
Sienna 7G

A selection of bakes from Leela 7G, who is already a great fan of cooking but has had much more time to enjoy her hobby during lockdown.





Betty 8G - Cheese and Mouse Cake



Maisie 7F - Rollercoaster Creation 



Mrs R Jolliffe   English/EAL Teacher
Mrs O Kelly   Learning Resource Centre Manager