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More World Book Day "shelfies"

Students (and staff) share their reads ...

Students were asked to share their ‘shelfie’ to celebrate World Book Day.

These books could be their favourite books of all time, books they have enjoyed or books that are on their to read list.

Ms Simpson
English Faculty

Ornelda Year 11


Ms Simpson


Malaika Year 11
Alice Year 8


Nicole Year 8


Saarah Year 8


To celebrate World Book Day this year, the English faculty asked KS4 students to share a 'Shelfie' with books they love, recommend, or look forward to reading in the future. So if you're looking for some reading inspiration, perhaps try one of these brilliant book recommendations!

Ms Schaber
English Faculty

Ms Schaber


Rada 11W


Romy Year 10


Lily 9S


Bo 11F
Aoife 11S


Mominah Year 11


Ms Cato


Demmy 10C


Ms Carter


Abeeha Year 9


Ms Durham