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Pi Day 2021

Students and staff celebrate across the curriculum and beyond

In the weeks leading up to Pi Day this year, students were still in lockdown. This provided an ideal opportunity for a cross-curricular Pi themed enrichment project, where students created artwork, cakes, poems, jokes and stories inspired by the irrational number, Pi.  A selection can be seen here. Well done to all students who took part.

Next week, there will be news about our Pi Recitation Competitions!

The Maths Faculty

Hibba 7G - Pi with wings


Nisa 7G


Aya 8C


Madeeha 7G - Pi Girl


Sofia 7G


Kacey 8S


Eliza 8W


Gina 7G


Alexa 7G


Khadeejah 8S


Nicole 7G


Flo 7G


Faye 8C


Bibi 7G


Meriam 8W


Pi jokes

“Why shouldn’t you let math bother you?”
“I don’t know. Why shouldn’t I let math bother me?”
“Because it’s as easy as pi.”

“What’s the official animal of pi day?”
“I don’t know. What is the official animal of pi day?”
“The Pi-thon"

“What’s a mathematician's favorite fruit?”
“I don’t know. What is a mathematician's favorite fruit?”

“Why shouldn’t you talk to pi?”
“I don’t know. Why shouldn’t you talk to pi?”
“Because he goes on and on.”

“Did you know that all sailors are pi-rates?”
“No, that’s wrong. Only 3.14% of sailors are pi-rates."

Amanaa 9C - Pi Song


Tessellating cross stitch pi, by WSFG
volunteer, Mr Grinberg