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Pi Day Recitation Competitions 2021

Students excel at memorising Pi

Pi Recitation Competitions 2021

Several classes practised their memory techniques in the week after Pi day.

This happened in maths lessons as well as in Spanish.

Strategies that students used included:

  •     Imagining the digits coming out of a hole
  •     Colour coding the digits
  •     Learning a few extra digits/day
  •     Listening to the Pi Day Song on a loop while going to sleep
  •     Working with a student coach

Congratulations to the following students who performed particularly well by reciting pi from memory to the number of decimal places shown:

Year 7

Issy                    7H- 53
Alizah              7F - 61
Edie                  7F - 65
Nadia              7F - 71
Alicja                7H- 75
Elaaya             7H -79
Rodo                7G - 120
Arusha            7G - 155

Year 8

             Imogen           8W - 67
             Kacey              8S - 70
             Malina            8C -90
             Zara                 8H- 100
             Eliza                 8W  -104
             Alexia              8H -124

The students were rewarded with golden certificates, pi badges and pencils.

The Maths Faculty