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Walthamstow School for Girls

Year 8 Interform on 23-Feb-2023

Reporting by Magda 8S

On Thursday 23rd February year 8 had their winter interform where all 6 forms competed for first place.
The day began as usual at 8:45, here students created tactics and prepared themselves for a day of constant sports. By the end of tutor time all form groups made their way down to the sports hall where they were informed of the rules and point deductions. At the end of Ms. Wood's announcements and registration teams began their way down to the courts. Netball was to play outside in the Muga, dance in the Norris hall and handball in the sports hall. Matches began and all forms were giving their all, before we realized it had been break after 2 hours of games the forms could rest.
During the second round of games the heat was on, all forms were still putting 100% into their play. The Dance teams had performed their first dance by the end of 3rd period with the afternoon full of games year 8 took a lunch break. At the end of lunch, the final round of intense games had started.
People were still determined to win. By the end of the day, the teams returned to the sports hall, eager to find out the results. Suspense filled the room as we awaited the scores to be announced. As we heard the results we applauded and congratulated the forms.  Then came the moment: the first-place prize was granted to 8F. With 8G not far behind in second place and 8S in 3rd place.  Everyone cheered!