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Walthamstow School for Girls

WSFG Philosophy Day

It's WSFG Philosophy Day on Thursday 15th June 2023.

We invited Mr Jason Buckley, otherwise known as the Philosophy Man, back to run a day of interactive activities with Year 7.

Here is some feedback from some of the participants: 

What I really enjoyed in my experience of the Philosophy Day was how we got to know each other by debating different questions and solving riddles. I also really enjoyed how we got to learn stories about the Greek Gods and it was fun when we got to act them out! 
Milena K 7C 

I found the Philosophy Day to be a great experience. When we had to come up on the stand in the middle of the Greek theatre to speak, it was great fun. The day was full of engaging activities and we had some fascinating debates with Sir. For me personally I had a great time learning about the different sides of philosophy. I really do hope there will be more opportunities like this soon. 
Aaliyah H 7S 

During the afternoon we were taken outside to the Greek Theatre where we began to learn about the Greek play Odysseus.  It was great fun as we did lots of speeches on different aspects of the play. We had to express our opinion on things before continuing with the story. Overall it was a great experience. I enjoyed the inclusivity and the opportunity to learn outside. 
Annika R 7G 

We discussed a variety of things including morals. I Particularly enjoyed the discussion on the best way to eliminate half the population as it was fun to hear the different ideas and opinions of others in the group. My favourite part of the day overall was in the Greek theatre learning Greek Mythology. As someone who loves debating, Philosophy and Greek Mythology, this day was enjoyable in all ways possible. I would 100% love to do it all over again if I could! 
Grace H 7F