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Walthamstow School for Girls

This is My School

This is my school event on Monday 9th October 2023

On Monday 9th October we hosted the 'This is my School' event to give families of year 7 students an opportunity to come into our school and be shown the classrooms and facilities by your child, on your very own personal tour! I was so happy to see my year 7 students beaming with pride as they showed off their school to you! Here are some of their impressions.

Ms Desbenoit
Student Progress Leader for Year 7

I really like going around the school saying that this is my computing class, this is my French class, this is my English class. It made me feel really proud.
- Aicha

It made me feel good because when I tell my mum about my teachers and classes she never knew what I was picturing, but now she is more familiar with what I am talking about.
- Sofie

It was really fun and I'm happy I could show my dad my school. He liked it a lot and saw parts of the school he had never seen before. At one point I got confused and mistook the Math's classroom for the RS class, but we all laughed, and I took him to the real RS class. Altogether, it was really fun.
- Maya

During the 'this is my school' event I was showing my mum around the school. It made me feel that I was really part of the school and I also felt very proud to be a part of WSFG. I also felt very happy to show my mum where I do all my lessons and overall it was a very joyful experience.
- Emily

It made me feel happy because before my mom didn't know what type of lessons or teachers, but now she knows better about my school life.
- Eysan

Showing my family (parents and sister) made me feel proud of the school. The idea that I got lost in the school seems strange now. I enjoyed showing all of my classrooms and teachers as well as my new friends to my family.
- Klara

As a student ambassador in Year 11, my role is not solely based in the duration of school hours, but I also represent WSfG in many after-school events. One of which being the Year 7 'Show my School' event, which was a great opportunity to help the youngest year to settle in by confidently showing their parents/carers around our school. By the end of the evening, it was evident that our pupils had definitely developed a sense of belonging to WSFG.
Yossra Aya Badaoui 11S

During the Year 7’s ‘This is my School’ event, me, Klea Gashi (11F) and Jodie Turner (11F) ran a charity bake sale for the local Walthamstow Toy Library. The Walthamstow Toy Library is an incredible charity that loans toys to families who would otherwise struggle to buy toys at their full prices, host play sessions for children and have never failed to help the community of Walthamstow, which is why it was vital doing something for them. We sold cakes, donuts and juice to raise money for the Toy Library and in order to show how important volunteering and fundraising is in this school to the new Year 7 students and their parents and carers. We raised £131 for the charity and we all thoroughly enjoyed running the bake sale and have all collectively agreed to potentially plan another fundraiser in the future. This was an incredible experience; I feel very grateful I was given the opportunity to organise this, and I have to thank the amazing staff for supporting this fundraiser and everyone who bought something at our stall, we hope you all had as great a time as we did!
Kacey Loky 11S