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Walthamstow School for Girls

Student's work in The Courtauld Gallery exhibition

Student's work in The Courtauld Gallery exhibition from now to Feb 18th, 2024.

Rain Wolfe in Year 11 has been selected for a prestigious exhibition at The Courtauld Gallery, with her piece that responds to Eduard Manet's painting, The Bar at The Folies BergeresRain made a mask and a powerful installation (which she photographed).  Both the photograph and mask are displayed as part of Reworking Manet, at The Courtauld Gallery from now until Feb 18th 2024. Here is a picture of the mask and photograph Rain made, and an extract from the accompanying text that she wrote. Congratulations Rain, this is a fantastic acheivement!

Manet’s barmaid was painted with an emotionless expression that frustrated critics of his time. I chose to represent this perceived indifference in the form of a physical mask. When I look at the painting, I see a way of interpreting Suzon’s features not as indifferent, but a carefully arranged ‘mask’ she wears so as not to attract attention. Perhaps Suzon is not indifferent to the man in the reflection but on her guard against him. Such a ‘mask’ has long been worn by women in the service industry where friendliness can too often be mistaken for invitation. Her mask may be a measure of protection and also a resistance against her audience and painter.