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Walthamstow School for Girls

Black History Month - Maths Game

Black History Month - African Maths Game Oware

During the month of October, Year 7 students learnt how to play the African boardgame Oware. They also learnt the numbers in Swahili through algebra.

Here are some quotes and photos from the students:

During my time learning how to play Oware, I have enjoyed my maths lessons so much! I enjoyed learning the game because the rules were quite simple where players move anticlockwise around the board and collect beans by capturing. You start with 4 beans in each hole and to capture you must land in a hole on the opposite side and there must be 2 or 3 beans in that hole. Playing this game has been such fun and I have won 3 times. I am very pleased with my progress.
Anniah G 7F

Oware is a fun African board game of strategy, where you aim to capture at least half of the seeds to win. There are many versions of this game and different African countries use different names and have slightly different rules, but they are all enjoyable. For Black History Month it was a great opportunity to learn the Ghanaian version, and we all look forward to having even more opportunities next year and for the years to come.
Aminah C 7F

Oware is such a great game. I felt it was a great experience and made a change from doing our usual maths work for an hour or two. The rules were simple and easy to understand. We had an Oware tournament and it was LOTS of fun!
Aya F 7F