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Walthamstow School for Girls

Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark money raising event on 27th & 30th November 2023

By Hajia 10C

The dancing in the dark event was a very successful event that me and a few other students organised. The dancing in the dark which was hosted in the PE Hall was enjoyed by many students and students found it very fun. We hosted the dancing in the dark to raise money to donate to the charity red cross/red crescent. We would love to host another event like this as we raised a lot of money and many students found it a very fun experience. My favourite part of the dancing in the dark was when Ms Wallace and Ms Childs decided to join us in the dancing which many students found amusing. And a big thank you to Ms Warren because we wouldn't have been able to organise this without her as she played a big role in this along with the teachers who offered to supervise the event.