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Walthamstow School for Girls

Brilliant Club – Scholars Programme

Our first cohort of fourteen Year 9 Young Scholars have just graduated from the programme.

Congratulations to them all!

They have been attending weekly tutorial sessions with their PhD Tutor, Ellen Lesser, since November last year. Their course title was ‘Does God love animals as much as humans?’

It was a university style experience culminating in a graduation event at City University, London after submitting a final assignment. Bahar and Sarah represented Walthamstow School for Girls at the event and delivered a presentation to a large audience.

Here is some feedback from the participants:

I have enjoyed my experience at the Brilliant Club. It was very challenging at times, but those challenges allowed me to bounce back and improve my skills in essay writing, structuring, researching, sharing my ideas and discussing more complex ideas. I wasn't too sure about the topic at first but over the course of the weeks, I warmed up to it and began to share my ideas more and become more confident in putting my ideas forward. I am so grateful for this opportunity and would certainly recommend it to others.
- Albertine C

Throughout the graduation day we continued to discover more and more of the university. As we went on our tour around the building I started to adore the idea of going to a university like City University of London. During our adventure, we were able to have a feel of a court room in their law building, which I loved . At the end of the trip I was able to gain a better understanding of the University lifestyle.
- Chlorie A

I really enjoyed the journey of the Brilliant Club. It has allowed me to become more confident and learn skills that will help me in the future. The course was very challenging at first especially as I am dyslexic but as the course went on I got a lot of support from my tutor and other members in my group and was able to complete my final assignment and achieve the grade 2:1.
- Grace W

Everyone should have the fantastic experience at the Brilliant Club, in my opinion. This program will help educate you how to research a certain topic, structure an essay, and learn how to apply to universities.
- Eleonora N

My journey on the Scholars Programme was definitely not easy. It had been purposefully made challenging, to help face pupils’ flaws in essay writing and communication. Throughout the programme, I was more and more grateful with each tutorial, because our tutor was able to give a lot of time to each student individually to grant everyone a great outcome. Would I recommend this? 100%! You shouldn’t turn this opportunity down, if offered it. I was so glad to have been able to participate in the Brilliant Club and hope to see more year groups being given the chance to attend the Scholars Programme.
- Jannat I

Visiting the City university of London was a wonderful and interactive experience, as they showcased the way university works, what to expect, societies and more. We had a chance to ask questions based on university and got to hear others' views and thoughts on university too. From this trip, I gained a better understanding of university and I found the trip an eye-opening experience, which inspired me to take my education further and seize similar opportunities available in the future.
- Aicha H

Being in the Brilliant Club was such an achievement and academic goal. It has inspired me to try harder in my academic life so that one day I can go to university. The university trip was extremely exciting and helpful in allowing us to see all the realities of university life. I think that reading a speech in front of many other schools has given me a new sense of confidence and aspiration, allowing me to develop as a student. I would recommend it. There were difficulties which I overcame but the trip was worth it and seeing the university environment was so exciting.
- Sarah M

More information about the programme can be found here:

Programme Overview - Schools - The Brilliant Club

Ms Robinson

Challenge Coordinator