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Walthamstow School for Girls

Greek Myth Cafe

Last Tuesday, I went to a Latin story telling workshop after school. We had biscuits and juice to start, followed by a story telling activity, and were given a Roman myth that we could interpret in our own way. Some people chose to draw while others wrote or acted out what the myth meant to us and what message it was trying to convey. I found the experience very fun and a good task for the Latin myth we might study at GCSE.

- Molly M 9H

I really enjoyed the experience of Latin club with Miss Cafe, it was really fun! We read a short story on Aracne, a talented weaver who got turned into a spider out of jealousy by her competitor. We acted out a scene based on the text whilst other people in our group narrated and drew. We also got biscuits and juice! Afterwards we wrote down what we thought of Aracne and how she would be portrayed in modern times. Overall it was an interesting activity in which I made a lot of friends.

- Julia Z R 9G

I really enjoyed the Latin myths cafe experience that happened earlier last week. When we came in we were greeted with some biscuits and juice while everyone sat down. As we got settled the professor talked about how Latin is more about understanding the text and developing your key knowledge about what is going on. She also talked about reading parts of a text but developing your own sort of version of the text and creating your own understanding. In the task each group read our own paragraph and some people acted it out, others drew images that they thought of when they read the text and others wrote words or key details. Overall, it was a great experience that made me really excited for the upcoming years of me properly learning Latin.

- Karinaa S 9H

The Greek myths cafe was different to some of our Latin classes, but different in a good way. We learnt about a Greek myth about a woman who gets turned into a spider by one of the Greek goddesses because the woman disrespected her. It was great to learn about an old story as we could interpret it in many ways which we did through dance, acting and drawing. It was also interesting to see what types of stories they had before our time. An unforgettable experience.

- Mia W-L 8H

I absolutely loved this workshop! Our group talked about how the moral of the story was about how everyone should have a voice and should be heard. We performed a section of the story and I loved how we got to work with different people in different years. My favourite part was participating in the acting section of the workshop with two other year 8's. During the workshop we got to share our ideas and there were lots of laughs and jokes along the way. Overall, it was the best workshop I have been to.

- Zara A 8H

On Tuesday after school, I went to the Latin myth cafe where we got into groups with our friends and ate biscuits and drank juice. Then we were given a story and we each read a paragraph and made a play and drew it out. It helped to build my teamwork skills and it was overall a great experience. I really enjoyed it and would love for it to happen again.

- Stevie S 8H

I'm glad I chose to go to the afterschool Latin because it was a great experience and the story was really interesting, The biscuits and juice were amazing and I especially enjoyed acting out our section of the story because it helped me understand it more.

- Ellie H 8H