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Walthamstow School for Girls

Year 10 French Trip to Crêpes à la carte

Bonjour! On Tuesday 11th June, Year 10 students took part in an exciting trip to the French restaurant of Crêpes à la carte in Camden. For some students (and staff), it was their first experience trying authentic French crepes – especially the savoury ones! Students were also able to practice their French speaking skills with the French restaurant staff which gave them a boost for their upcoming speaking mock exams.

Merci beaucoup pour less crêpe. C'était très amusant et délicieux. La crème de la crème! J'adore ça ! Delza and I loved the crêpes. They were amazing and it was so much fun. It was nice being away from school and the stress of mocks so thank you very much. J'aimerais repartir à Crêpes à la carte. I would go again if possible.

By Yasmin and Delza

À la crêperie, ce que j’ai aimé le plus c'est la crêpe sucrée parce que c'était très délicieux. A mon avis, je n'ai pas aimé pas la crêpe de jambon. Et ça ne coûte pas cher. D'un autre côté, j'ai adoré la grenadine. Aussi, le voyage était très facile et tranquille.

At the creperie, what I liked the most was the sweet crepe because it was very delicious. In my opinion, I didn't like the ham crepe. And it doesn't cost much. On the other hand, I loved the grenadine. Also, the journey was very easy and peaceful.

By Shreya and Esma

The trip was very fun. C'était le top du top! The journey was short and efficient to get there, and the restaurant was very friendly and homelike. It was very cosy since there were sofas, and the staff were very polite and respectful. The service was quick, and the food was délicieux! Miam miam! The presentation was magnificent, and we enjoyed the experience of ordering food in French. We both thought the savoury crêpes were delicious and the sweet crêpes were amazing too.

By Julia and Aamanee

The trip was fun. Ce que j'ai aimé le plus (what I liked the most) was the sweet crepes! However, the savoury crepe biquette was not to my liking. Quel dommage! (What a shame)

The compléte crepe was délicieux, it had egg, turkey, and cheese. J'aimerais y retourner pour les crêpes sucrées. (I would like to go again for the sweet crepes)

By Tanisha and Mayesha

We really enjoyed the crepes and we thought it was a very eye-opening experience into French culture. Thank you for this opportunity.

By Ailidh, Nell, Chloe and Lulu

On pense que le voyage à la crêperie était fantastique! Nous avons un peu aimé la crêpe complète mais la crêpe sucrée était le top du top! Aussi, la serveuse était très sympa et le café était jolie. Le voyage était utile pour pratiquer le français dans la vie réelle. Si j’avais l’opportunité, je voudrais y retourner!

We think the trip to the creperie was fantastic! We kind of liked the ham and cheese crepe but the sweet crepe was the best! Also, the waitress was very friendly and the cafe was pretty. The trip was useful to practice French in real life. If I had the opportunity, I would like to go back!

By Rosanna and Maggie