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Walthamstow School for Girls

Grassroots Day

A group of 21 Year 7-9 students, who also called the Change Makers, held a celebration event on Friday 7th June called Grassroots Day. It was an anti-conflict programme we have been involved in this year. They have been working with a facilitator from the EEF every 3 or 4 weeks to discuss what causes conflict at WSfG and how they can work to help resolve/prevent it.

Grass roots day is a time when students and teachers come together to celebrate happiness and positivity. For me grassroots day is the best way to show off what the changemakers do, what we put all our effort into and what we strive for everyday. This for us means more positivity throughout our school and better communication of our feelings. I really enjoyed this day, as it was a chance for me to interact with those I had never spoken to before and to spread happiness. It was so uplifting to see everyone so ecstatic and laughing, this is exactly what we wanted! A times, it got a bit stressful with the wrist bands, but I remembered to stay calm and look on the positive side like grass roots gas taught me to do! I truly believe that being a changemaker has been so beneficial for me. Such as, always looking on the bright side and always doing my best to spread optimism, grass roots day was the perfect opportunity to make everyone feel like that, and that is why I and many others think it was so AMAZING!!!

By Bea Moriarty 9H