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Walthamstow School for Girls

Year 8 Dual Languages French Trip

Year 8 Dual Languages French Trip to St Mary CoE Primary School - Becoming French Language Ambassadors  

Bonjour! On Wednesday 19th June, 30 Year 8 students took part in an exciting trip to St Mary CoE Primary School where they taught fantastiques and amusantes French lessons to three Year 6 classes. For their end of year project, the class were tasked with an exciting opportunity to become French Language Ambassadors. This involved planning and teaching a French lesson to a Year 6 class. After 3 weeks of hard work, preparation and practice, our students became French teachers for an afternoon and had a fantastic experience teaching the language they have been learning since Year 7. Both Year 6 pupils and their class teachers were very impressed and complimentary after the lessons. Bravo et bon travail! 

Students feedback:  

Wow! This trip was so fun. I think everyone in our class can agree. I thought it was such a good opportunity for us as students to take on a teacher’s role. Everything about this project, planning our lessons, teaching primary kids and actually BEING the teachers was just such a great idea. I really hope that the next class of year 8 will experience this. I really am so grateful we had a chance to do something like this.  

- Zunairah 

The trip was phenomenal I wish I could go again, I also enjoyed teaching the class because they were a really calm class but also funny. Additionally, they were also very very good at French meaning they understood everything on our PowerPoint (which was our target as our PowerPoint was aimed at a year 6 class). We had so much fun! In conclusion, I wish we could do this trip again as it was a fun experience to have! Thank you so much for preparing this trip for all of us! 

- Emily