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Year 9 visit Canary Wharf

Financial awareness trip to HSBC

Last term twenty six Year 9 students took part in a very educational and exciting career insight trip, which occurred in a very well-known bank (HSBC headquarters) in Canary Wharf.

The day was focussed mainly on finance and managing money. We were put into groups and had to gather words that related to the word ‘money’.

Later on the employers gave us a main business task to plan on building a road, any place of our choice and to work out how much money was needed in order to build the road.  We had to convince a panel of judges why ‘our’ group had the best idea and this was all shown in our presentation.

Many thanks to Ms Philippou for organising this pleasant trip as I gained a better understanding of how I should manage my money, and I am hoping more trips like this are organised for more year groups in the next academic year.

Dean 9G

Ms Philippou
Assistant Headteacher