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Walthamstow School for Girls

Educational Visits

At Walthamstow School for Girls we take great pride in the wide range of opportunities that we provide for our students: the many trips and events that we run are integral to our GREEN vision. Each year we run in excess of 150 activities or trips that are designed to develop ambition and aspiration in our students. There is a strongly held view across the school that this broad offer creates high levels of social cohesion, supports positive relationships between staff and students and between peers, and cements the sense of belonging our students have for our school.

Many trips and events are open to whole year groups to ensure that all students are engaged in the many and varied opportunities on offer. Access to trips also comes through curriculum areas where staff feel that knowledge and understanding could be broadened by experiences beyond the classroom and so these trips will be targeted at students studying a particular subject.  In addition, throughout the year opportunities are advertised for students to apply for in a variety of ways: this could be entering a competition or simply by expressing an interest in an event.

To ensure equity across the school we keep a detailed log of all events that have run and of which students have attended them.  Staff refer to this log when planning an event, to ensure that opportunities are shared across a year group.

We have very clear systems in place for staff to follow when planning a trip or event in order to ensure that students are safe. A weekly meeting is held by a trips team led by a member of the Leadership Team to assess trip proposals put forward by staff and to consider the risks, plans and staffing. Parents’ permission will be sought prior to each trip, via sQuid and full details will be provided.

As representatives of the school, when students are participating in trips or activities, they are expected to wear full uniform.  Any exceptions to this, for instance Outdoor Pursuits trips, will set out the dress code required.

Payments for trips

During the year many Faculties organise day visits to various places of interest relating to their subject which incur a small charge. Payment and/or permission for all trips is collected via our sQuid online payment system.  Should you experience any issues with sQuid, please contact the school by e-mail.