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Walthamstow School for Girls


What is GCSEPod? 

GCSEPod is an online learning platform built around short, animated videos, followed by short exercises to help you to remember. There are multiple-choice quizzes to test yourself and longer-answer exam-style questions when you’re ready. You can either self-study or do the activities your teacher sets you. 


Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, RE, Languages, Economics, PE, Food, Computer Science and Creative iMedia. 

How to log in 

The first time you use the site: 

  1. Click on the New to GCSEPod? Get started! link and then “I am a student” 

  1. Fill in your name and date of birth. 

  1. Start typing “Walth…” in the school box and then click on Walthamstow School for Girls when it is suggested. 

  1. Choose a username and a password and a password hint. The username must be unique, or the account activation will fail (without telling you that it has failed!), e.g. use your school email address. Also use your school email address for where to send password reminders. 

  1. Select the subjects you are studying and untick the ones you aren’t. Keep “Study Smart” and “Keeping Fit and Healthy”, too, as they’re useful general things. 

This will activate your account. In future you can log in using your password or just by clicking on the Sign in with Google link. 

Go to the log in page now 

How to use GCSEPod 

There are two main approaches to using GCSEPod, self-study and teacher-directed: 

You can log in and just browse: Click on one of the course tiles, then a topic, then a section. Or browse by course and specific exam paper; perfect for revising for a particular exam. Either way, you’ll be offered some short, animated videos (“pods”) to watch; each is about 3 minutes long. After each one, try one of the Learning Activities at the top of the page; this will help you to remember what you’ve just watched. Then, finish by clicking the C&C button for a Check and Challenge multiple choice quiz. Collect points and diamond rewards and compete against your friends on the leader board! 

Alternatively, sometimes your teacher will set you Assignments. These might be pods to watch, followed by some exam-style questions, for example. 

After you’ve done a few assignments, GCSEPod starts to learn where your areas of weakness are, and it’ll suggest Boost Playlists for you. Working through these will help you to improve faster. 

If you find pods you like, you can click the star to save them to your favourites, or even make your own playlists so that you can return to them for revision later. 

Watch a short walk-through video 

Supported devices 

GCSEPod works through any web browser and is best on a bigger screen, such as on a laptop. However, if you really want an app for your phone, tap or scan the QR code below. 




Here is advice on how you can support your child using GCSEPod.