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Walthamstow School for Girls Ofsted Outstanding Provider

Headteacher's Weekly Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

This half term has flown by and I am sure that all members of our school community are in need of a short break. It has been such a pleasure getting to know our students again after our sudden lockdown in March, and to see the younger ones play outside in the sunshine (with the exception of Wednesday’s continual rainstorm, of course), and the older students chat with their friends in our new extended café style external seating areas. Everyone has settled well into our new COVID safe routines here.  As you know, each year group is in a separate bubble, with different entry/ exit times, breaks and lunchtimes, so the girls only spend time with their peers. Many have told me they do enjoy this as they have greater ownership of their area of the school, and older students have said that they have found the focus on one main GCSE subject over the course of the day helpful. We have implemented this to eliminate student movement, but it was also intended to promote deeper understanding by enabling students to get fully absorbed in their subject.

We have a wide range of information for you to read in this issue. We start with a pledge which outlines our commitment to celebrating our rich diversity in school and follows on from the Black Lives matters special Greensheet edition in July which can be found here.

There will be opportunities for students, parents and carers to contribute to this dialogue in due course.

As we have transformed to a remote way of communicating with our parent/ carer community, we were very pleased to have such positive feedback after the Year 7 Settling In live session on Monday. It was a pleasure to hear you and see your ‘chat’ on Teams.
Ms Jean-Baptiste has already implemented some of your suggestions, so thank you for engaging with this.

You may have noticed that this year’s Open Evening, my ninth in fact, has taken a completely different format to usual, when we have over a thousand visitors to the school, as it is now remote. It is still available here.  Our students are our real ambassadors- do listen to their views about life at WSfG.

On another note, I have today been alerted by our Safer Schools Officer to the following important information which we have been asked to share with you:

" Whipps Cross Hospital took admission of two females aged 15 years old who had been admitted after consuming cannabis edible sweets after purchasing the edible food from a white male outside Wilkinsons in STRATFORD. The witness confirmed that she bought the items following a Snapchat conversation telling her that he sold the items and they arranged to meet at STRATFORD by WILKINSONS at 18:30 on the 22nd OCTOBER. The cannabis edible sweets were bought for £10 for 12 sweets. The sweets caused the females to be admitted to hospital as they were found in the street acting strangely. The sweets were in the shape of GUMMY BEARS.

WHIPPS CROSS Hospital confirmed that they had a similar incident on the 16th OCTOBER 2020 when a female schoolgirl was admitted after consuming cannabis edibles bought by a seller on snapchat. "

These are not our students, but you may have heard of a similar case in Highgate, Camden, earlier this month. In this instance, the girls had eaten Nerds Rope bites. These ‘sweets’ or ‘edibles’ are designed to look like normal Nerd sweets, but they do in fact contain a potent level of THC, a component of cannabis. They are illegal and dangerous to consume and have led to hospitalisation. Please do speak to your daughter and warn her about this.

I have also been approached today by our MP Stella Creasy. She is keen to make all our families aware of the support available in this borough to families who are financially in these difficult times - especially over the half term break in light of there being no financial support available for children eligible for free school meals. Please see our Greensheet for more information.  You can find information from Stella Creasy on the schemes available to help locally here.

Finally, on a lighter note, on Friday November 13th we are having an ‘own clothes’ day’ to raise money for Children in Need - I am sure that your child will have already planned her outfit!

Have an excellent half term, and keep safe all,

Meryl Davies

Diversity at WSFG

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