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Walthamstow School for Girls Ofsted Outstanding Provider

Headteacher's Weekly Message

Dear Parents, Carers and Students

It has been lovely to welcome back all of the girls to school this week, including our new year 7 students.  They have really appreciated being able to move freely around the building, to have break time in the canteen and to have an opportunity talk to students in different year groups at lunch time and around the school.   They have certainly made the most of the good weather and our beautiful grounds too.

How to be a Success at WSFG

In my assemblies to each year group, I have talked about ‘being a success at WSFG’ and have shown pictures of our year 11 leavers who were particularly successful or made excellent progress.  We were able to capture some lovely quotations from them about their achievements.  Their advice to our current students was not just about the importance of working hard but about believing in yourself and supporting each other.

In my assembly, I used Kadeena Cox (currently on Masterchef!) as an example of someone who has overcome a number of obstacles to be successful and has demonstrated significant resilience.  We know that success is not merely measured by achievement but can also be seen in our character.  Our school values of empathy and resilience make a significant contribution to this.

In an interview following lockdown, Kadeena Cox gives the following advice:

"Be kind to yourself"

"Check in on each other"

"Reach out"

"It's OK to have a little bit of a wobble"

Being kind to others and kind to yourself may not be how we traditionally view success but it is important if we are going to have good mental health and a positive mindset.  Despite being back at school ‘as normal’, the girls will have challenges to face but if we share our difficulties, accept our mistakes, learn from them and encourage each other, we can all succeed together.  I am really proud to lead a school where we support each other in this way and have been proud of the girls when I have seen them helping each other this week, particularly our younger students.

Welcome to our new year 7 parents!  I hope your daughters have had a fantastic first week at WSfG. 

I have enjoyed talking to our new year 7s and seeing their excitement as they explore the new school environment and share their experiences of new lessons.  If you have any questions about the school, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our staff on the gate, to contact reception or email the info@ email.  We look forward to seeing you all soon at our ‘This is my school’ evening when your daughters will have the opportunity to show you around!

Details to follow next week.

Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur

I wanted to wish our Jewish families well over the fast for Yom Kippur on Thursday; I also hope your celebrations for Rosh Hashanah went well earlier this week.

COVID reminders: We are doing everything we can to keep your daughter safe whilst also providing a balanced curriculum and freedom of movement around the building.  It is still important that students continue to do the following:

· Twice weekly lateral flow tests

· Do not attend school if you are ill; book a PCR test

· Follow the one-way system

· Wear a mask at all times in communal areas

· Hand washing and sanitising throughout the day

Please speak to your daughter about how she can play her part in keeping everyone in our community safe.

Helen Marriott



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