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Walthamstow School for Girls Ofsted Outstanding Provider


At Walthamstow School for Girls we have a commitment to ensuring that ALL students, including those already working at an advanced level, receive educational opportunities that allow them to be appropriately stretched, engaged and challenged.

  • We prioritise PROVISION rather than identification.
  • Our Challenge provision is INCLUSIVE rather than exclusive.  
  • We focus on LEARNING rather than data.
  • We believe that anything is possible through effort and hard work, in keeping with a GROWTH Mindset

Every Teaching Faculty has a representative responsible for Challenge.

Each Faculty Representative ensures that students are stretched in their subject area through the use of Challenge Walls and by ensuring that schemes of work are differentiated.  They also organise enrichment activities such as overseas trips, inviting in outside speakers and running competitions relevant to their Faculty - more information on our enrichment activities can be found on the attached page.

Students hear about opportunities through the daily student bulletin, the weekly Greensheet and by reading the Challenge noticeboard.  Students are also welcome to visit me in room F31B at any time.

Ms Robinson
Challenge Coordinator