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Year 10 Art: 'Strange Clay' exhibition at the Hayward Gallery 

Year 10 students have been responding to the recent 'Strange Clay' exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. Students looked at a range of artists and created outcomes seen below considering themes of emotional landscapes, gender and identity' The work seen is inspired by contemporary ceramicists Jonathan Baldock and Leilah Babirye'

Ms Wills

Head of Art




Year 8 Art: Self Portraits

Here are some incredibly impressive portraits by students Mehjabeen, Lucy and Ofelia of 8C.

Their paintings are in the style of artists Chantal Joffe, Aliza Nisenbaum and Tim Benson.

Ms Wills

Head of Art







Year 11 Art: 'What A Time To Be Alive!'

We are pleased to announce that a selection of work from year 11 students at Walthamstow School for Girls will be on show for the month of April at a local gallery.

The work year 11 art students have created responds to the experience of being alive now, encouraging students to 'play' with materials and subject matter to create artworks which evoke life, both real and imaginary.

The exhibition runs from: 2 April - 29 April at 1B WINDOW GALLERY

1B Window Gallery
Coppermill Lane
E17 7HA

Please see a taster of the selection of work that will be on show below - we look forward to seeing you there to enjoy the fantastic pieces by our year 11s!

Work by Adari 11G, clay bust inspired by Simone Leigh and an exploration into ideas around race, beauty and identity.

Work by Edith 11C, responding to ‘work and play’ theme and looking at language.

Year 7 Art : Insects 


The art department love these bugs made by Ms Healy’s Year 7 class.  

They were inspired by the use of collage materials by the artist Kate Kato.  

Kate Kato: Using discarded paper, wire and thread, I try to capture the delicate detail and beauty found in nature. My work is influenced by plants, insects and found objects which I recreate as intricate, life-sized sculptures and arrange carefully into collections, installations and dioramas. 

Well done to our talented Year 7s! 

Ms Wills 

Head of Art 

Year 8 Art: Portraiture Project  

Year 8 students have been working hard on their portraiture project to create exciting self-portraits on their iPad. 

2 - Sadia 

3 - Seher 

4 - Nujhat 

5 - Tanisha 

6 - Tanisha non-digital 

They have been using their knowledge of colour theory to create this work to learn about how light and dark colours can be used to make things look 3D. Well done to all students for their impressive portraits! 

Ms Wills 

Head of Art  

Black History Month 

Aeya (9H) has written about going to see Veronica Ryan's fruit sculptures in Mare Street, Hackney, as part of Black History Month. 

Produced by Black British Artist Veronica Ryan who lives in New York. 

These sculptures have been made in celebration of those from the Windrush generation and to commemorate what they have given to Hackney.

Ms Wills

Head of Art

WSfG British Global Icons Ceramic Trail Project

Open to All Year Groups

Would you like to be involved in making a series of ceramic plaques to celebrate British global icons which will be put up around the grounds of Walthamstow School for Girls?

Then come along to the F36 Art Room - Friday Week B - Lunchtime What British Global Icons would you like to celebrate?

What designs would you like to use for the ceramic plaques? Text/images/patterns etc.

Do you want to be involved? Drawing, writing, or making? All of the above?!

See you there!

Art Faculty

Year 11 Art: 'Make Your Teacher Out Of Clay' 

Year 11 spent their final lesson working in clay,  the brief was: ‘Make your teacher out of clay’.

The art department along with other teachers were very impressed with their
interpretations. We especially liked the ones based on members of the Humanities department who are keen to get their hands on them!

Well done to our Year 11 artists, we can’t wait to see what you do next!

Miss Wills
Head of Art





Art Design Technology Wordsearch 


Year 8 Art: David Hockney 

Year 8 art students were asked to reproduce a painting of their choice by David Hockney, using the paint app on their i-pads. Ms Wills was very impressed by these stunning digital copies.

Ms Wills
Head of Art

Juwairiyyah 8C
Faye 8C
Ayamide 8C
Zaynab 8C


Year 10 Art: GCSE Coursework 

Wafaa 10H, has taken these stunning pictures of her pet snakes as part of her final outcome for her 'Collections' project GCSE coursework.

Ms Wills
Art Faculty

'I have two snakes. One is a royal python which is 3 years old and called Shiro.  She originates from Africa and likes humidity.

The other one is Akira, he is a corn snake, often found in America, he can get up to 6 ft long. Both of my snakes are very active and eat mice. Eventually they will eat bigger mammals!' 

Year 9 Art: Aids Memorial Quilt 

Year 9 students were asked to design a quilt inspired by the Aids Memorial Quilt, which was an enormous memorial to commemorate the lives of people who have died of aids related causes.

Ms Hepworth
ADT Faculty

This wonderful design, by Zoe 9C
features Freddie Mercury


This beautiful memorial by Tenzin 9C, for her grandmother


Year 7 Art: Soap Sculptures 

Students in 7W made some amazing soap sculptures in our remote art lesson this week, inspired by Barbara Hepworth. Well done 7W!

Ms Hepworth
ADT Faculty





Black Lives Matter Artwork 

My intention, when I produced this painting of a Black woman, was to represent the BLM movement through the image and what is implied by it.

Her hair deliberately stands out a lot, which for me is a big part of black culture, cultural appropriation, and cultural appreciation. The crown, comfortably sitting at the top of her head, replaces the fact that she does not have any facial features (e.g. eyes, nose, lips etc.).  I chose to represent her in this way because, in my opinion, a lot of Black people must “put a face on” for the rest of the world because of the stereotypical opinions, perceptions and views that the world has of Black men, women and children. It also shows the strength used to do this. 

Reannon 9G 



Year 7 Art: Salt Dough Sculptures

Just before the half-term break, students in 7W had a remote lesson where they used salt dough to make sculptures!

These guinea pigs are by Rosanna 7W.




Rosanna fired them in the oven and then painted them.

Zahra 7W made a salt dough rainbow.



Both students made some wonderful sculptural creations!

Well done to 7W for your creative work.

Ms Hepworth
ADT Faculty

Year 8 Art: Mona Hatoum Sculptures

Students from 8F have been creating sculptures at home inspired by the artist Mona Hatoum. They have used utensils, household objects lights and cameras to create the illusion of artworks being larger than they seem. Well done on innovative use of household materials.

Ms Wills
Head of Art



Art & Computer Science working together 

Gina in 7G produced this beautiful pattern in Art based on a algorithm that she wrote the rules for.

Gina spent a long time doing it and it looks like she really enjoyed completing this task.

Well done Gina—a fantastic piece of work that celebrates Computer Science and Art!

Ms Healy
ADT Faculty


Year 10 Art News

The current topic for art students in Year 10 is "collections". Each student chose a single object to paint onto a tile, in a limited palette of neutral acrylic paint colours.

The objects they painted ranged from stones and shells, to miniature plastic farm animals.

The students did a great job as you will see below - well done!

Ms Hepworth
Art Department


Faculty Word Search

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Year 7 Art: Creative Shoes

Here are some more fantastic homework pieces by students Eva and Noa 7F. Students were asked to create a piece of work inspired by shoes, using the formal elements of art- tone, colour, texture and patterns. I have been really impressed with the responses from students!

Ms Wills
Head of Art


GCSE Art Exhibition 


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