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Challenge News

Here you can find news of all the latest activities which have taken place as part of the Challenge provision at Walthamstow School for Girls and also opportunities available to our students.

The Magic of Numbers 

Recommended TED Talk 
The Magic of Numbers : Why everyone should love Maths by Bobby Seagull

In Bobby’s truly inspiring Ted Talk, he comments on the subject that most people don’t like maths and that they just say they don’t have a ‘maths brain’. However, he explains that maths so much more intriguing and exciting than it might look at first glance. He talks about how when he was little he first got hooked into maths by comparing football cards to create an approximate analysis of who is more skilled and how it inspired him to learn more about maths. He goes on to further explain how confidence is a big part in maths too as he showed us that 50% of adults don’t know how to work out a 5% increase of £9, even with a calculator and how they just need to persevere and challenge themselves to achieve great things in the maths field. He concludes the Ted Talk by saying that there is maths in everything, we just have to look for it and he ends with the motivational line:  ‘We are all mathematicians’. 

Kacey Loki 8S 

Here is the inspiring talk if you have not watched it yet.

Oxbridge Interviews 

Watch the interviews below to give you an idea of what to expect at an Oxbridge interview:

Demonstration Interview Videos

Want to know what an online interview might look like?

Watch two Caius History lecturers and interviewers demonstrate an online admissions interview with the help of a current student. 

Watch two Caius Maths lecturers and interviewers demonstrate an online admissions interview with the help of a current student.

We’ll be uploading further interview preparation videos to our Youtube channel (Caius Schools) over the coming weeks so we do encourage you and your students to subscribe.

Ms Robinson
Challenge Coordinator

Advice from the University of Oxford

Advice from Dan Pugh-Bevan, our schools liaison officer from the University of Oxford, is for students to have a little black book. Whenever students do anything connected with their learning, above and beyond what is learnt in the classroom, the idea is to write it down. Then, after leaving Walthamstow School for Girls, when going for interviews for colleges and universities, the book can be referred to, and the activities remembered and talked about.

The type of things to write about, could be books read, films seen, museums or galleries visited,  TV programmes watched etc

Watching Hannah Fry’s TV series about the magic and mystery of maths could be a good start:

Ms Robinson
Challenge Coordinator

Black History Month Maths

Year 7 have been learning how to play the African game, Oware, in their maths lessons for Black History Month.

The game has a few simple rules, but takes a lifetime to master!

Students can carry on at home, playing against a computer, by downloading it from:

Ms Robinson
Challenge Coordinator









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