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Walthamstow School for Girls

Year 7 Trip to the Royal Veterinary College

24 students learn about a career working with animals

A group of 24 students from Year 7, Ms Gocool, Ms Kelly and I, had the opportunity to spend the day at the RVC. The college began 250 years ago and back then, all of their trainee vets were men. By 1995, approximately half of their students were female and now, 85 - 90% are female! It was a particularly interesting day as the girls learnt about different courses and careers relating to animals and how to prepare to apply, which GCSEs and A levels to study, and the importance of getting some work experience. They were also invited to participate in the research project of a final year student. Here is some feedback from the students:

I had a great opportunity to represent the school by going to the Royal Veterinary College. It was a wonderful day and I met two beautiful calves called Coco and Maisie. We had the opportunity to test their heart rate using a stethoscope and to listen to their tummy. Urrgh! It sounded like a washing machine. Fortunately we did all this before they went to the toilet everywhere!
I really enjoyed the day and it has inspired me to meet more animals and maybe to work with animals one day.
Jemima 7W

The most interesting part of the day for me was taking part in a research project. First we completed a questionnaire. That was the easy part! The hard part was providing a saliva sample as we had to suck a ‘stick’ of cotton for 60 seconds. It was horrible but we knew it would help Emily with her research.  She was measuring our cortisol levels, before and after meeting the animals. The whole point of Emily’s research is to find out whether it is better to learn about animals by meeting them or if it is just as good to read about them in a classroom.
I was also one of the lucky two students to wear a GO-PRO. This was for filming our learning experience.  After learning about the body and bones of a cow we had to give another saliva sample to compare with the one before.
It was a great day, lots of fun, and we are participating in further research next term, when Emily visits us at school.
Ornelda 7C

I had a very jolly trip to the RVC. It has made me fall in love with animals even more than I did before. I really loved the day because I was able to get very close to big animals that I would never usually think of stroking. Furthermore, the trainee vets helped me to remember the names of human bones and to learn what each one does.
The day helped me to think about what I would like to do in the future. A vet is in my top 5!
Amber 7W

It was a crazy day. We entered a room full of bones! We learnt about the difference between human and cow bones. We also learnt that they have four stomachs and eat lots. By meeting cows I found out that they are very cool and friendly and like being stroked. It was lovely to meet Maisie and Coco. The whole day was a great experience.
Lulu 7C

The trip was so much fun! In the first activity we learnt lots about a cow. The room was full of skeletons and the insides of some animals! I saw the head of a fox, the insides of a rat and a buffalo skeleton. It was really fascinating. I would love the opportunity to visit again.
Monika 7C

It was a great day and I learnt so many new things. One new fact is that cows have fur balls like cats. They spit them out and we held one.
Ebony 7H

In the Anatomy Room we learnt how the RVC has helped to create animals for films like Harry Potter. The skeletons were studied and used to help create the monsters in the film.
Jasmin 7G

Overall, it was a very inspiring, interesting and educational day.

There will be information for Year 10 about an Easter Workshop at the Royal Veterinary College, coming soon.

Ms Robinson
Challenge Coordinator