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Walthamstow School for Girls

Young Doctors Workshop

Year 7 students learn about a career in medicine

18 girls from Year 7 recently participated in a Young Doctors Workshop.

Here is some feedback from the participants:

The day was perfect. I loved using the equipment and learning new things. What would be even better is if we could have more workshops like this.
Nabia 7S

I loved everything about the day. It was just spectacular! It was a great experience and has helped me to understand much more about becoming a doctor.
Amud 7S

I learnt so many new things, long words, how to deal with patients, about vision, hearing, radiology and more.
Alexandra 7W

I really enjoyed interacting with other students and using real doctor’s equipment, like the tuning fork, eye torch and reflex hammer. Tom was very interactive and very helpful, answering all of our questions.
Aini 7W

It was great to be given booklets full of information. I learnt so many things in one day. We really should have more days like this.
Ying 7F

I enjoyed learning about Socrates, radiology and how to talk to patients correctly. It was also fun testing each other with the equipment. On day I would like to go to a real hospital to see how to do x rays.
Tunmise 7C

I really enjoyed the day and it helped me to decide that I really do want to be a doctor. I learnt about the brain, bones and much more.
Zalyka 7C

I loved everything about the day. My idea for an improvement is to do it all again!
Faiza 7H

I learnt all about cerebral palsy and about the symptoms for Parkinson’s disease. What would have made the day even better is if I had learnt how to use an oscilloscope.
Naimah 7F

I really enjoyed all of the practical activities. I learnt that I don’t have very good reflexes, but I do have very good hearing!
Leila 7W

Thank you to Tom Davies for another very enjoyable, interactive and informative day. We shall be inviting him back soon so that more students can have the opportunity.

Ms Robinson
Challenge Coordinator