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Walthamstow School for Girls

Young Lawyers Workshop

Year 7 & 8 students learn about a career in law

A group of students from years 7 and 8 have participated in a Young Lawyers workshop.

Here is some feedback from the students who were involved:

I liked everything about the workshop, however I particularly enjoyed the role play. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in the law as we learnt so much in one day! I learnt about many different laws and the different techniques used to question a witness.
Eva 7C

I learnt a lot of new things and really enjoyed the day. I learnt how the jury works and about lots of different laws.
Vicke 8H

I especially liked the role play and wearing the wig and gown.
Muskan Iftekhar 8G

My favourite part was learning how to question someone in court. I leant about different types of charges and how long you would go to prison for.
Maddy Hilton 8G

I learnt about assault is causing someone to fear violence and that battery is touching someone without their permission.
Kate Lucas 8G

I really enjoyed the games as I was learning at the same time. I learnt about so many different laws and was really surprised that there are so many.
Safa Ahmed 8W

I learnt a lot about different crimes and their punishments. I really enjoyed getting a taste about what working as a lawyer is like.
Jasia Macmeikan 7C

Thank you to Tom Davies from the Debate Chamber for an inspiring, enriching and educational day.

Ms Robinson
Challenge Coordinator