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WSFG art teacher receives commission from Magistrates Association

See Ms Hepworth's painting and the virtual exhibition

WSFG Art Teacher Ms Hepworth received a commission earlier this year from The Magistrates Association to paint a picture to represent  The Future : The Rights of the Child

Her picture can be viewed here and the virtual exhibition can be seen here.

The actual live exhibition has been postponed and will take place in OCTOBER 2021. 

The Magistrates Association is 100 years old this year. To celebrate a century of being the collective voice of the magistracy and the tireless pursuit of justice, we have created 2020 Vision: 100 Years of Justice.

The exhibition comprises 20 original artworks, commissioned from 20 diverse, contemporary artists, including Koestler Arts alumni - former offenders who are now working artists and living examples of the rehabilitative function of art.

The exhibition is both a retrospective view of 100 years of the history of justice in the UK and a gaze into the future.

The exhibition was originally intended to travel to Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and London. However, due to lockdown restrictions, we will now bring you all the action online, with a physical exhibition to take place in 2021. We hope you enjoy our vision!


The 10 exhibition themes are topical issues around which both legislation and societal attitudes have evolved considerably in the last century, and might conceivably evolve even further.

These are:

1. Rights of the child

2. Gender and the justice system

3. The role of prison in society

4. Ownership of information

5. Race and criminal justice

6. LGBT+ rights

7. Freedom of expression

8. Freedom of association

9. Victims’ rights

10. The concept of justice