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Students succeed in poetry competition

Poems to be published

Congratulations to Sadia (7S) and Zara (8H) for their successful entries into the Young Writer's Imagine! Poetic Voices competition.

Sadia's poem 'Why Can't I?' and Zara's poem 'Imagine If Automatically Your Thoughts Were Said Aloud' were selected from over 9,000 poems to be published in the YoungWriter's annual anthology of student poetry, which will be published later this year. Congratulations to Sadia and Zara for their hard work and brilliant poetic writing! 

Ms Schaber
English Faculty 

Imagine If Automatically Your Thoughts Were Said Aloud - Zara Zafar

I didn't like it but I said I did

I loved it but I couldn't say 'cause then I'd become the loner kid

Then one morning I awoke

I spoke

I looked in the mirror

It was me speaking

My words were leaking

I went to school and we had a strict teacher

And I blurted I thought she was amazing

Everybody stared

As if I were weird

How do I say

That it's happening automatically?

In the middle of maths I shouted I liked the galaxy

I ran to the toilet

Enough was enough

I told myself I was not tough

My thoughts were hurting people

I should stop

Five minutes later I walked out with a smile

Because I learnt, this day taught me to be myself

So to all of you out there suffering

Be happy and be yourself.


Why Can't I? - Sadia Kassam

Why can't I see the sky?

The sun, the moon, the stars

When I look up, everything's gone

Everything that made Earth shine

They've disappeared.


Why can't I see the plants, the animals?

Look outside, only concrete and tarmac

No wildlife could survive here

They would die too easily

They've disappeared.


Why can't I see colours?

I look around, all grey and black


Dull, ugly, depressing

Where did the rainbows go?

They've disappeared.


This is our world

What it has become