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Diversity News

The latest news from WSFG on the subjects of Diversity and Equal Opportunities.

Celebrating Diversity Drama Trip

The Half-God of Rainfall

Kiln Theatre on Monday 29th April at 7.30pm

The Greek and Nigerian gods clash in this poetic new drama

From award-winning poet and playwright Inua Ellams (Barber Shop Chronicles; An Evening with an Immigrant) comes a new myth.  The Half God of Rainfall is a contemporary epic that weaves poetry and storytelling in a majestic journey that transports us from a tiny village in South West Nigeria to Mount Olympus, to the further reaches of our galaxy and beyond.

When Demi, the half Nigerian-mortal, half Greek-God, is angry, rain clouds gather. When he cries, rivers burst their banks.

We would like to invite 19 lucky students from Year 8 onward.

Tickets will be allocated on first come, first served basis and open to all students in Year 8 to Year 11.

We are asking for a contribution of £3 only towards the cost of this trip - sQuid is our preferred payment method.

Come and get a letter from Ms Cornford or Ms Desbenoit. Bonne chance!

Ms Desbenoit
Diversity Co-ordinator

Diversity Workshops 

All Year 8 students were lucky to participate in a one hour Diversity workshop on Wednesday 20th June 2018.

The aim of the workshop was to give our students an opportunity to engage with issues around sexual orientation and gender identity in a safe and open environment.

The key messages were ones of kindness, respect and equality.

In our school we want students to feel free to express themselves and feel valued for their uniqueness.

We listened to LGBT volunteer role models whose powerful stories gave an insight in to the experiences of LGBT people. A Q&A followed which helped develop students’ empathy, understanding and acceptance and challenge stereotypes and prejudice.

Here are their views:

I really enjoyed this workshop because of how everyone came together and expressed their feelings on LGBT+. It’s really wonderful that the charity is spreading more awareness on the subject. I felt like it was a very safe and accepting atmosphere and overall believe everyone should receive a chance to speak to them also -Aliyah 8S

I thought this session was very good to help inform people about different people’s stories and how you never know what people go through in life- Bo 8F

I liked how open the role models were and how open we could be with them. It was nice learning about LGBT+ because it opened my eye more to this community- Rachel 8F

The atmosphere was really inviting and Tanya and Alex’s stories were very inspirational and made me realise that anyone can be who they want to be and we should accept anyone who is part of LGBT+ and never judge them if we don’t know their full stories. Katie was also really helpful with the meanings of terms – Amber 8W

I think all schools should get to have this workshop because it would be really beneficial to people wanting to come out as it would make them feel safe and secure. - Aoife 8S

 What I liked about the workshop is that it educates people to be more open minded and confident to discuss LGBT+ topics, which helps us become kinder and more accepting. –Amanta 8S

I really enjoyed this workshop because their stories were really relatable and it was really educational. No one felt awkward or uncomfortable. – Jay Ming 8F

You should accept people for who they are and not treat anyone any differently. – Jessica 8F

I liked the fact that the two role models had the courage and confidence to tell their stories and their message. It was a phenomenal activity and very inspiring.-Destiny 8C

I really enjoyed all of the session and all of the honesty. During the session, we were able to hear both stories and how they felt when they came out. They told us how to be supportive and that was really helpful. - Ornalda 8C

I liked that I learnt new things about the LGBT+ community and how to understand people better, really enjoyed it. – Tatiana 8H

I enjoyed how they told their own stories to inspire us and convey messages such as you should try to be a supportive friend to anyone you know comes out to you because it’s a privilege they trust you. - Anisa 8H.

I have now a bigger understanding of the LGBT+ community. The role models were really brave and I think everybody should see this work shop. – Deja 8H.

I really enjoyed this session as it showed me and others that you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s wonderful how Tanya and Alex shared their personal stories to all of us. I found them so inspirational and brave– Ilgin 8G.

I was very proud of how well our students behaved and how respectful and open minded they were.

Ms Desbenoit
Diversity Coordinator






Alan Turing Monopoly 

In celebration of the life of Alan Turing, members of Year 9 have been playing the Alan Turing edition of Monopoly. It is based on a hand-drawn version of the game which Alan played over 50 years ago. The original can be seen in the Bletchley Park Museum.

Ms Robinson
Challenge Co-ordinator


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